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how far did the durham report succeed in solving the problems of the british in canada.

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Quebec is known as the homeland of the French-speaking Canadians . Its uniqueness in culture was guaranteed by the British North American Act and is a cornerstone of Confederation . Prime Minister Pearson encouraged and advertised the idea of making the Canada as a homeland for French-Canadians and not merely for the Quebec .1

In 1837 , both Upper and Lower Canada had their rebellion opposing the proposed union between the two halves of Canada . The Canadian Patriots who are the Quebecers would like to separate from the British colonialism and led themselves [banner_entry_middle]

in any affair which for their own benefits . This rebellion was not materialized and there were twelve Patriots in Lower Canada who were put to death and hung in Montreal Aside from that , there were sixty patriots who were exiled to Australia In Upper Canada ‘s case , the rebels who had rebellion were also sent to Australia . After this incident , the Durham report came out and tried to have solutions for the French-Canadian feud .2 According to Claude Belanger that Durham suggested the joining of the Upper and Lower Canada into one legislative union having two administrations to institute responsible government as to remove a major source of friction that had existed between the government and elected officials prior 1837 to assimilate the French .3


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Durham report contributed much in the history of Canada . It was able to analyze the root causes of rebellions . Durham ‘s report has four main s these are the causes of conflict in Upper Canada , causes of conflict in Lower Canada , the Union of the Canadas and responsible government .4 The earl of Durham whose name was John George Lambton introduced the Durham report to the Colonial Office in February 4 , 1839 but Durham report was consummated in January 1839 that was why it was officially introduced in the following month by the said earl of Durham .5 After the rebellion in 1837 , earl John George Lampton was designated as governor general of British North America with special power as lord high commissioner6 to inspect colonial grievances . He arrived in the spring of 1838 in Quebec . The report of earl John George Lampton called Report on the Affairs of British North America ‘ was one of the most significant documents in the British Empire history .7 The report on the affairs of British North America made by Durham report suggested reforms as the creation of municipal governments and a supreme court . According to David Mills on his website that Durham condemned the defective constitutional system in Upper Canada where power was monopolized by a petty , corrupt , insolent Tory clique . Durham was able to narrate the dilemmas as racial and not political based in Lower Canada . He was able to found out that there were two nations fighting… [banner_entry_footer]

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