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How to keep the data miners from overwhelming the organization

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How to keep the data miners from overwhelming the organization (2006


The significance of adequate and reliable data for planning in contemporary business and organizational operation is germane to effective actualization of organizational objectives and long-term goals . Information technology in contemporary times is inevitable in the tackling of high level of uncertainties and risk management . Thus , in effective rivalry competition in a stiff industry a valid database is required for planning to curve a niche for the organization

Database for organization planning abounds in different dimensions and quantities . Thus [banner_entry_middle]

, this already known database is available to an organization and its rivals . According to Thearling (1995 , in most standard database operations , nearly all of the results presented to users is something that they knew already existed in the database . A report showing the breakdown of sales by product line and region is straightforward for the user to understand because they intuitively know that this kind of information already exists in the database . Thus it requires the generation of new data , which is known to rivals for an organization to curve a niche for itself over its competitors – . This is where Data Mining comes in

Data Mining involves a process of developing raw untapped database which is germane for effective problem solving and planning . Thearling (1995 , defines Data Mining that it is a process of extracting information from a data that user did not know existed . It becomes advantageous to the organization carrying out the data mining process since it is a much bigger leap to take the output of the system and translate it into a solution to a business problem (ibid . To , LIS (2001 , Data Mining is synonymous to knowledge discovery in databases Knowledge discovery in databases entails a process of identifying valid novel , potentially useful , and ultimately understandable patterns or models in data (Fayyad et al , 1996 , cited in Thearling 1995 . Data Mining entails a step in the knowledge discovery process consisting of particular data mining algorithms that , under some acceptable computational efficiency limitations , find patterns or models in data (LIS , 2001

The challenge of keeping the mined data tailored to suit the need and effective operation of an organization is one that needs to be checked and enforced . Thus , as a way of preventing the data mining process from overwhelming the organization , in its activities and strategic processes , adequate sequence in the data mining process need to be put in place

This essay would take a look at ways of keeping the data miners from overwhelming the organization


Adequate care need to be put in place as data miners engage on the process of data mining for their clients . When the process is done in a way that overwhelm the organization ‘s strategic plans and operations the different perspective and targeted aims of the data mining and strategic operation of the organization tends to hampers the successful and effective outcome of the process of data mining and the… [banner_entry_footer]

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