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how to persuade UK tourists to visit Thailand

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The object of the research is to determine the number , identity educational needs and potential business impact of UK tourists who visit Thailand . To investigate the travel patterns of UK tourists divided by sort of traveling such as members of group tours , traveling by themselves , and business and analysis in different group what purpose they visit . To be able to analyze the factors affecting why they chose Thailand as their tourist destination or why they prefer other countries

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also analyze various appropriate strategies on how to promote Thailand in UK . In line with the aspects of marketing , this facet is about the communication aspect . Through this , promotion is given importance . It is the main object of the study . It basically analyzes the prospect of a European from a First World Country visiting an Asian country , particularly a country situated in Southeast Asia

The specific goals of the research are as follows . First , this aims to provide a theoretical framework that will explain the promotional aspect of tourism campaigns . Second , it aims to reveal the factors that would make Britons pay a certain amount of money in exchange for traveling in Thailand . Third , it seeks to account for the desire to travel in Asian countries , if the traveler is European . What is in Asia that is not in Europe ? Specifically , what is in Thailand that is not in the United Kingdom

Through the accomplishment of these goals , the researcher hopes that the knowledge on the promotional aspect of tourism campaigns will grow . It will hopefully help tourism agencies in persuading prospective travelers to journey to different countries . It also encourages the exploitation of the privileges offered by globalization . The ease of transportation allows one easily to become a citizen of the world

Finally , this attempts to be critical about the competition going on among tourism agencies . It seeks to give some agencies the competitive edge in promoting their products , which are the places to be visited


The subtleties in sensations offered by the Land of the City of Angels (Bangkok , Thailand , is yet to draw the full attention of the tourists of the world in general and in particular the UK tourists which is the obsessed focus of this research . Not to be ignored as invariable and apparent are the mystic sceneries offered by beaches and landscapes in Thailand , a country inhabited to the extent of 90 by feather touch peace loving people following Buddhism as their religion , the very basic tenet being non-violence which puts at rest the dangers of hitherto untread lands . However over the past couple of years tourism in Thailand has been affected by its very own natural gift , the nature , in the form of Tsunami which has eaten into the tourism revenues of the country Thailand ‘s loss is put at as high as US 1 .2 billion due to this natural disaster according to official estimates . But still the land… [banner_entry_footer]

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