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how will automation affect operations management practices over the next decade

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Case studies provide four findings of interest . First , they revealed how thoroughly pervasive traditional assumptions about motivation and authority can be even in an organization committed to change . Despite senior management ‘s pronouncements signaling a shift in strategy , line managers and operations managers continued to believe that the only acceptable justifications for technological change were those that promised to reduce significantly the direct labor content of production activities . Even when aware that their requests often resulted in increases in indirect labor , managers relied on traditional accounting methods and evaluative criteria as [banner_entry_middle]

their principal guides . On the one hand , they admitted dissatisfaction with accounting methods inappropriate to – and , indeed , often antagonistic toward the development of a coherent manufacturing strategy . On the other hand they despaired of their own ability to convince financial staff that alternative methodologies were available and appropriate to the task

Second , the case studies strongly suggested that intraorganizational conflicts associated with the development and implementation of new technology can make it difficult to implement changes in operations management relations without simultaneous change in other facets of the organization . Two key sources of intraorganizational contention were evident (1 ) competition among subunits (for example , different functional groups ) for a share of the finite resources available for process improvement led to closely guarded change efforts and (2 proposed changes that commonly cut across functional boundaries ignited conflicts that reduced the willingness of change proponents to reveal their plans too broadly or too far in advance . In combination , these two sources of intraorganizational conflict made it exceedingly difficult to engage the union as a partner in crafting innovative approaches to technological change

Lemos Porto (1998 ) have written a research book on ‘technological change at work . They distinguish three main areas in the change of work caused by new technology : i ) work tasks… [banner_entry_footer]

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