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Human Motivation

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Human Motivation

Learning process plays a crucial role in human motivation increasing self-confidence and self-esteem of learners . The main task of the teachers is to send a message in to direct students and clarify what he /she expects of them . According to intrinsic theory of motivation learners are motivated when they expect that learning experience will lead to the achievement of a certain goal or reward (Alderman 2004 . It is reasonable to believe that strong commitment to learning is likely to result in conscientious and self-directed application to do the job [banner_entry_middle]

regular attendance , and a high level of effort . These elements helps students to feel that they are work is done properly and appraised accordingly . In this situation , success has a strong motivational influence on the level of task performance

The development and conditioning of motivation and patterns of behavior depend upon learning experiences . In general , effective motivation process is at the heart of learning and development . Improved results will not be achieved unless student can also feel a sense of excitement about their work which results in the motivation to perform well Leaning shapes behavior , encourage and direct learners , awake their interest involving them in a certain activity (Medin 1997 . The major task of teachers /supervisors is to support intrinsic motivation by extrinsic elements in to create a mixture of personal and social traits

Learning reduces stress , improves happiness and self-esteem of learners Students recognize that their success depends on skills and knowledge they obtain during leaning process . In this case , leaning can increase value and decrease stress through knowledge and expertise . Take the common experience of stress associated with PCs , much of this stress comes from expecting computers to function perfectly all the time , but it is not very realistic . In this case , advanced learning experience helps a student to cope with this stress and reinstall software programs in an hour (Weil , Rosen 1997 . Also , learning experience and analytical skills can help a learner to find appropriate solutions in such cases as installation of complex hardware or networking systems . Also , learning works as a self-regulatory factor which helps learners to avoid stressful situation and reduce stress . Following Rohrkemper and Corno (1988 : Rather than shielding students from learning stress , we seek to teach them how to adaptively respond and learn from it (311 cited Alderman , 2004 : 162

When a learner is competent and has some special knowledge or expertise in a given area it improves happiness and optimism . For example the expert knowledge in human biology or treatment of such diseases as a cold or flu can benefit a learner and his family members . In this case motivation is based on credibility and clear evidence of knowledge . A person will benefit more by experiencing co-operation and practice than reading about it , and a person ‘s ability to adapt to change , co-operate with others and be more self-confident , comes partly from the learning situation (Alderman 2004

Learning improves self-confidence when students perform the role of a teacher in… [banner_entry_footer]

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