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Human Motivation

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Running head : Effects of Stress

Affects of High Stress Job on the Health and Emotions of a Middle Aged Man


Affects of An extremely High Stress Job on the Health and Emotions of a Middle Aged Man

There are a number of definitions of stress as well as number of events that can lead to the experience of stress . People say they are stressed when they take an examination , when having to deal with a frustrating work situation , or when experiencing relationship difficulties Stressful situations can be viewed as [banner_entry_middle]

harmful , as threatening , or as challenging . With so many factors that can contribute to stress it can be difficult to define the concept of “stress . Traditionally , stress research has been oriented toward studies involving the body ‘s reaction to stress and the cognitive processes that influence the perception of stress . However , social perspectives of the stress response have noted that different people experiencing similar life conditions are not necessarily affected in the same manner

The issue of stress is complicated because there is no single definition that allows one to differentiate it from other related concepts . According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH , job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities , resources , or needs of the worker (Goldin 2004 . Whatever , the definition of stress , it is very clear that stress has serious aftereffects . The most effected community remains the corporate world . The workplace stress costs the nation more than 300 billion each year in health care , and missed work (Goldin , 2004 . It is also causing high turnover and poor work performance . Among the workforce , middle-aged employees are worst effected . This essay has been designed to scrutinize the issue of stress , its causes , effects , and how to cope with it in the present day environment

What is Stress

Stress is usually thought of in negative terms . It is thought to be caused by something bad like a boss giving a formal reprimand for poor performance . This is a form of distress . There is also a positive pleasant side of stress caused by good things like an employee is offered a job promotion at another location . This is form of eu-stress where `eu ‘ is Greek word for good . Although there are numerous definitions and there has been much debate about the meaning of job stress . Ivancevich and Matteson define stress simply as the interaction of the individual with the environment ‘ They further describe stress as an adoptive response , meditated by individual differences and /or psychological processes , that is a consequence of an external (environmental ) action , situation , or event that places excessive psychological and /or physical demands on a person (1993

In another definition , Beehr and Newman (1978 ) define job stress as a condition arising from the interaction of people and their jobs and characterized by changes within people that force them to deviate from their normal functioning ‘ It is important to… [banner_entry_footer]

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