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Human Resource Management

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Human Resources

While working I have faced many human resource challenges , but the most frequent is rapid changes . It is a matter of fact that change is essential and inevitable part of the modern society and it significance is really dominant and great . Every public and private organization is subjected to rapid and frequent changes , because the world changes as well . Simply saying , it is practically impossible for the company to avoid changes , because they are phenomena which are universally accepted . Working as a manager my task is to find ways how [banner_entry_middle]

to staff a sense of control over changing situations . However , rapid changes cause always resistance from the staff (Morrison 1996

Actually resistance to change doesn ‘t mean that that the staff is against them , it means that they object only the way the changes are implemented . Staff resists to changes simply because the reason for the change is unclear for them . Negative reactions can be caused by , for example , by ambiguity in jobs , costs and equipment . The next reason is that staff wasn ‘t consulted about the possible changes and they appear to be an accomplished fact . It means that employees are willing to know what is going on in organization , especially if their jobs may be affected . The third reason of resistance is when the possible changes may threaten the existing patterns of working relationships between employees . People resist to changes also when they are not satisfied with personnel , moneys and timetables or when the benefits for introducing changes are inadequate for the involved trouble . Especially staff is against changes when their power or status in organization is affected . Therefore , my task a skilful manager is to tactfully introduce changes so that the majority of employees will be satisfied

There are many tactics and approaches , but the most proper approach is to teach the staff well providing relevant stimuli for such learning Different teaching and education programs may be successfully implemented . Also bonuses and personal approvals are allowed . Employees actually should be highly motivated (Rosenberg 1993


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