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Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management


As technology has advanced , so has the demand for professional proficient in its deployment within the healthcare setting . As early as 1994 , it was noted that new technologies would affect the way in which human resource personnel staff and support hiring within their organizations . In the years that have followed , health organizations have faced difficulty in staffing open positions . In addition to finding qualified individuals to fill skilled openings , health organizations are also seeing a decline in employee loyalty , leading to an increase in turnover and [banner_entry_middle]

skyrocketing salaries to bring in new workers . Healthcare provider organizations traditionally have not addressed this dilemma as well as their business counterparts , asserts Clarke in the February 2000 issue of Healthcare Financial Management But while the typical healthcare organization has struggled with staffing needs in our technologically advanced age , two organizations have risen to the top of their class and have excelled efficiently managing staffing demands . The Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus Ohio and the Tucson Medical Center in Arizona have implemented creative and forward-thinking solutions to maintain overall productivity at their institutions through effective staffing practices

Minehan , in a December 1997 publication of HR Magazine , notes that technology will create a number of unique issues in the coming years including portability and discrimination as well as other legal and liability issues . This has clearly panned out to the present day , now governed by such regulations as the Healthcare Information Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA , which regulates how the exchange of health-related information in the technological age must be protected in to preserve patient privacy . Because many healthcare organizations can only afford to pay pennies on the dollar in comparison to for-profit Fortune 500 organizations , recruiting can be a nightmare Years before the bite of HIPAA , the Mount Carmel Health System saw openings in 40 percent of the information technology positions with that percentage growing rapidly through an attrition of three to five heads per month . MCHS addressed this shortfall by hiring a recruiter just to staff for IT , who would spend all day every day helping to meet the rapidly escalating demands of technology . Because of the vast difference in healthcare IT versus non-healthcare IT salaries , MCHS put into place a carefully planned career advancement system , complete with competitive salaries at every level . But as Clarke notes , investing in the human resource is more than simply offering competitive salaries and benefits

Whereas many organizations have struggled to staff based on technological advancement and the call for IT departments that are far larger than their counterparts of years past , the Tucson Medical Center saw technological advancement and the automation of certain tasks as a way to aid in recruiting and filling skilled nursing positions throughout the hospital . Notarantonio notes that nurse managers were spending about 60 percent of their time each week creating lists and telephoning staff to fill vacant shifts . Seeing that as a waste of time and skill , an automated system called BidShift was implemented… [banner_entry_footer]

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