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Job of a Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technicians perform laboratory tests which are critical in the determination of the health condition of and the proper treatment to be given to an individual (University of Arkansas for Medical Science 2006 . They examine and scrutinize body fluids and cells . With the aid of some laboratory apparatus , they search for bacteria , parasites and other microorganism . Chemical content of fluids are also being analyzed . They also do blood-matching before blood transfusions . To determine patients ‘ response to treatment , Medical Technicians conduct test for drug levels [banner_entry_middle]

. They examine specimens too count cells and identify sick cells in blood . The state-of-the-art clinical instruments and computer programmed laboratory equipments which they use can perform series of tests simultaneously (U .S . Department of Labor 2006

Medical Technicians do analysis of the result and forward them to physicians . With the advent of computer technology resulting to more computerized programs , works of medical technologists and technicians has become easier . The level of education and the amount of experience of personnel contribute largely to the quality of job they perform at the laboratory . Most of the works involve performance of complex tests and require a certain level of judgment (U .S . Department of Labor 2006

Biological , hematological and microscopic , among others , are some of the laboratory tests which are being conducted by technicians . They examine blood and other body fluids with the aid of microscope and from the specimens , harmful microorganisms such as fungi and parasites are detected . Medical technicians conduct analysis on samples for chemical presence or a chemical reaction and determine levels of blood sugar cholesterol , triglycerides , uric acid and others . They also do blood typing and blood matching for blood transfusion purposes . To obtain a high percentage of accuracy on tests , Medical Technologists evaluate results of laboratory tests , conduct development and modification of procedures and establish and monitor programs The tasks of medical laboratory technicians are less complicated than medical technologists . In some cases they are under the supervision of technologists (U .S . Department of Labor 2006 . Work hours and working environment of medical laboratory technicians vary with the size and type of employer . In bigger hospitals and laboratories that operate 24 hours , 7 days a week , there is usually the day and night shift . They may even work during weekends and holidays (U .S . Department of Labor 2006

Laboratory personnel are undergoing training in the proper handling of specimens which came from patients with communicable diseases . Proper methods on sterilization and infection control are being strictly observed because these are hazardous to health . For their safety workers in the laboratory are required to use protective gears (U .S Department of Labor 2006

Those individuals who have obtained an associate degree from a hospital , vocational or technical school are accepted as medical laboratory technicians . Aside from this , other states require that they obtain license or registration from non-governmental organization such as professional society or certifying agency . Certificates are granted to an individual when his professional competence meets… [banner_entry_footer]

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