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Human Resources Management

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Why We Hate HR

It is a matter of fact that question of human resources is rather contradictive area for discussion . Some realize that it is an unexhausted source of labor force , whereas others suggest that human resources aren ‘t provided with proper treatment and attitude . The author of the article provides relevant example about current challenges of human resources persuading readers that contemporary human resource are locked inside the room without being praised and respected . The author uses rather interesting style of witting to attract readers and make them aware [banner_entry_middle]

of the current problem . Actually , I agree with author in many points however some proves are too exaggerated and don ‘t reflect the real situation

I agree with the author suggesting that human resources (HR ) are neither leaders nor strategists , because they are not allowed to show their possibilities and force in the area . They are like working instruments needed by the company in achieving the desired goals . Nevertheless there is a question : why HR has to on a par with company ‘s leaders ? It is apparent that HR are hated and disliked in many companies . Current surveys revealed that only 58 of employees find their job favorable whereas others complaint they are provided with few opportunities Actually HR can ‘t be considered evil , because usually they are smart and interested in performing their job better . The author admits that HR has to be joined to a business strategy at the hip . It is useful because HR will be motivated and stimulated . It is apparent that HR isn ‘t willing to hire only independent thinkers , because they tend to pursue labor efficiency . An employee should realize that HR doesn ‘t work only for him , because it is the government that has created labor regulation . Many consider that HR ‘s task is to protect corporate assets though such information is invalid . It is claimed that they pursue uniformity and standardization hated by employees . Surely Hr is hated though they perform such important tasks as hiring , training employees They try to ensure that employees have their place in the company (Well , Here ‘s a Rocking Party 2006


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