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i carry your heart with me

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I Carry Your Heart with Me : Love as the Force of the Universe

E .E . Cummings ‘ poem , I Carry Your Heart with Me ‘ shows Cummings estimation that love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe Cummings not only displays this literally in the poem but figuratively and uses the poems structure and sound devices to reinforce his message

In lines 1-4 Cummings plainly states the message of his poem . The character of the poem implies that he /she is in love and is always influenced b y [banner_entry_middle]

their significant other . This is so much the case , that the speaker says that wherever he /she goes or whatever is done , the speaker is influenced by this person . Lines 5-7 imply that the speaker feels invincible because of this love . Lines 8-9 mention how beautiful the speaker feels their lover is . Lines 10-15 become a little more complicated and obscure , but the speaker seems to be describing not only this love but love itself as a source of all things . He says , here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud (Line 11 ) and ends by attributing love universal forces such as those that keep the stars in place in line 14 . The final line of the poem comes full circle and repeats the first line . This emphasizes that everything in the universe is contained with in this love thus , the first and last lines are identical and work as bookends for the what is contained in the work

Cummings was concerned with utilizing common speech with attention to the visual aspect of the poem (Baym 2109 . This attention to the visual is illustrated in the structure of the poem . Cummings uses lines of free verse that seem an interconnected whole . Being that love ‘s power is a theme in this poem , the structure implies that love is a force that connects all things . In the final two lines , Cummings uses a couplet . This is significant in that it demonstrates that this powerful universal force is at work even in the lives of the characters of the poem . By practicing love , they are participating in this power that formed and controls all existence . The text , although free-verse , seems to have a more deliberate structure , but when closely examining the lines , one finds something that is controlled but not controlled much like the paradox at work in the universe there are elements of and chaos working together at the same time

This would appear to offer a visual symbol for the universal context

Cummings also uses figurative language in the poem which provides power and deepens the poem ‘s meaning . Most obvious is the heart being presented as a symbol of love . This may have a sort of mirror effect where the heart symbolizes love which Cummings places at the heart of the universe . Cummings also uses metaphor in the poem . He says , you are my world (Line 7 ) and whatever a sun… [banner_entry_footer]

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