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Identify and Respond to Harassment Overview…

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1 . Why is Khalid`s work environment hostile ? In your answer , list two categories of behavior evident in this scenario that contribute to a hostile environment and explain how they are evident . Limit your answer to two to three sentences

Khalid ‘s work environment is hostile to him because his co-workers discriminate against his race (being black ) and his religion (being a Muslim . This is evident by the way his co-workers treats him and seems to get rid of him by making offending actions against his religion and color . Much worse , his superiors [banner_entry_middle]

seem not to care about the harassment of Khalid ‘s co-workers towards him

2 . How might the behavior Khalid is experiencing affect the work environment for other employees ? Specifically , explain which groups of employees may be affected and how they may be affected . Limit your answer to three to five sentences

The behavior against Khalid might affect others because this hostile attitudes toward would definitely prevent him from doing his job effectively . In a hostile environment based on race or age or disability or religion or national origin , Khalid is subjected to slurs and insults and offensive jokes and comments . This could bring stress , depression and mental torture to Khalid that he might think of ways to retaliate or snap out against his co-warkers . In this case , his job will be in jeopardy and he might be fired out because of the hostilities against him . Also , their company and organization is also at risk to become unproductive because of the hostilities going on within it

3 . If you were a manager at the hotel in this scenario , what action would you take ? What would you say and to whom ? What policies or procedures might you implement ? What is your goal in this situation Limit your answer to three to five sentences

As a manager , I will implement organizational policies regarding the protocol respect and politeness to each other to avoid racial and religious discrimination . Also , I will organize a seminar /workshop regarding proper workplace ethics for everyone , so that they will be aware about the things that might offend other people . Organizations should put a lot of effort into socialization strategies and programs to create stable , consistent work forces that adhere to norms , informal rules for group interaction created and sustained through communication consistent with organizational expectations . Training programs have become one of the primary processes by which organizations socialize employees (Eisenberg Riley , 2001 . By completing training programs employees learn about job duties and how to complete tasks as well as formal and informal rules of communicating in work relationships


Eisenberg , E Goodall , H . L (2001 . Organizational Communication Balancing Creativity and Constrain (3rd ed . Boston : Bedford /St Martin ‘s Press



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