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Illinois Lottery winning ticket scanners

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Check-A-Ticket Lottery Scanners

Lotteries have been hotly debated in many states with some claiming that the revenue is sorely need while others fear indebtedness and addiction . However , on thing that is not debated is that the lottery brings in money . Over the last three decades , lottery administrators have attempted to develop cheaper , safer and more efficient ways to operate this billion dollar industry . In to save money and to reduce the number of requests made of ticket vendor site employees , such as the employees at convenience stores , many lottery ticket retailers [banner_entry_middle]

are offering customers the ability to find out if their ticket is a winner with check-a-ticket ticket scanning terminals

Many states have made use of these ticket scanning devices for the administration of state-run lotteries : Montana , California , Washington Illinois , Texas , Missouri , New York Delaware and Kansas , to name a few The state lottery has already set up nearly 1 ,700 check-a-ticket stations in Washington where customers can check their tickets to see if they are winners . These stations promise to provide convenience to both retailers and consumers while also providing a way to save money for wholesalers (Washington ‘s Lottery , 2005

Each check-a-ticket terminal measures approximately 8 in . x 12 in . x 4 in . and is connected through a cable to the full service terminal located somewhere in the retail outlet . Form there , the terminal communicates with the host terminal which is more centrally located off-site . of the software on this terminal can be modified in any way from the site itself , so computer hackers cannot change the readouts or the scanning mechanism . Messages displayed on the check-a-ticket terminal are delivered from the host terminal through the full-service terminal in the retail outlet (Washington ‘s Lottery , 2005

The check-a-ticket terminal does include a bar code reader like those found in grocery store and other retail stores such as Wal-Mart , Target and others . The reader scans the ticket when it is inserted into the housing and decodes the bar code . The data is sent through the full-service terminal to the host computer . It is the host computer that processes the ticket and determines whether or not it is a winner . This information is returned along the same path to the check-a-ticket station (Washington ‘s Lottery , 2005

In addition to saving customers time and relieving the burden on the retail outlet employees , these ticket scanners also help prevent fraud It helps catch individuals who alter tickets , reproduce tickets or try to cash tickets more than once (Lottery Validation , 1992 . Once a ticket is validated , an encrypted notation is placed on the ticket which keeps it from being resubmitted . In addition , these scanners can be used to tally the number of winning tickets , the location of the winners , and the distribution of funds . It makes this data much more accessible to lottery administrators and researchers (Desmond , 1989

However , with the benefits of this technology come some problems . Many previous users of scanners have reported electronic glitches that have been costly… [banner_entry_footer]

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