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Importance of Health Education

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1 .What is Health Education

Health Education is defined as the continuing process of informing people how to achieve and maintain good health of motivating them to do so and of promoting environmental and lifestyle changes to facilitate their objective (Looking Toward 2000

The American health care education industry encompasses the products and services offered by a multitude of individuals and organizations . Any individual or organization that makes available services or products which contribute to health maintenance or health improvement is a provider of health care [banner_entry_middle]

and education . However , even though America has become a health-conscious nation and we are aware of the importance of nutrition and exercise in our lives , many of us still smoke , eat junk food , have extra flab around our middle , and spend too much of our lives as couch potatoes . This fits too many adolescents as well as adults

2 . Why is Health education important to maintain and promote in schools (Cite case studies and health programs that worked

It is important to maintain and promote Health Education in schools because students often reach a level of health , strength and energy they never will match during the remainder of their lives . They also have a sense of uniqueness and invulnerability that leads them to think that illness and dis will not enter their lives . Most adolescents believe that they will live forever and recoup any lost health or modify any bad habits they might develop . Given this combination of physical and cognitive factors , adolescents still have poor health habits . Thus it is essential that Health Education be always emphasized in schools

One comprehensive health approach that includes an attempt to curb cigarette smoking by adolescents was developed by clinical psychologist Cheryl Perry and her colleagues (1988 . Three programs were developed based on peer group norms , healthy role models and social skills training . Elected peer leaders were trained as instructors . In seventh grade , adolescents were offered Keep It Clean ‘ a six-session course emphasizing the negative effects of smoking . In eighth grade , students were involved in Health Olympics ‘ an approach that included exchanging greeting cards on smoking and health with peers in other countries . In ninth grade , students participated in Shifting Gears which included six sessions focused on social skills . In the social skills program , students critiqued media messages and created their own positive health videotapes . At the same time as the school intervention a community-wide smoking cessation program , as well as a diet and health awareness campaign , were initiated . After 5 years , students who were involved in the smoking and health program were much less likely to smoke cigarettes , use marijuana , or drink alcohol than their counterparts who were not involved in the program

3 . Why Health Education should not be removed from Wellsville High School

It is important not to remove Health Education at this school because students must know important principles in health education especially the right kinds of foods to eat and how to properly take care of… [banner_entry_footer]

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