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In what ways does what we believe about God (our theology) affect the way we do pastoral care?

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Pastoral Care

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10 October 2006

The Relationship of Theology and Pastoral Care

The world has gone crazier by the day . The people living in it suffers multiple afflictions like grief , depression , mental diss confusion , suicidal tendencies , rage , and anxiety attacks to name a few Each day the citizens of this planet earth cry out for help . And for the past centuries mankind has sought cures . But more importantly professionals were made out of the differing methodologies and treatments . Even so there is still a great [banner_entry_middle]

need for more who can help

Those in the Christian tradition declare that there is a cure for these malaises that continually plague mankind . At the core of their teaching is the good news that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead . Using that amazing phenomenon of beating the unbeatable adversary a conclusion can then be made that nothing is impossible . If God has raised someone from the clutches of death then there is nothing beyond his reach , including the myriad problems that inflict the human race

In the modern age those who are Christians and at the same time adept in the ways of the Christian way of healing and helping people are called ministers , pastors or priests . They were the ones whom people turn to for help . They act as counselors , easing the heavy mental burden or prescribing ways on how to beat the dreaded addiction or bad habit

But as the years went by , the source of the Pastor ‘s wisdom , skill strength and ability seem to have multiple sources . In the olden times the source for the entire Christian worker ‘s arsenal comes only from a single source – the Bible . But today they draw from psychology , social science , psychiatry etc . What then is the role of theology in the 21st century with regards to pastoral care ? This study aims to answer that question and at the same time discuss some of the ideas of leading Christian counselors and experts in the field of Christian pastoral care

What is the Pastoral Care

From the United Kingdom Alastair Campbell defines pastoral care as .that aspect of the ministry of the Church which is concerned with the well-being of individuals and of the communities (as qtd . in Lartey and Briwnant-Jones ,


Stephen Pattison on the other hand gave a more spiritual definition Pastoral care is that activity , undertaken especially by representative Christian persons , directed towards the elimination and relief of sin and sorrow and the presentation of all people perfect in Christ to God (as qtd . in Lartey and Briwnant-Jones ,


Howard Cline bell one of the authorities in pastoral care has this to add , .the utilization by persons in ministry of one-to-one or small group relationships to enable healing empowerment and growth to take place within individuals and their relationships (as qtd . in Redwood br


To the above-mentioned definition Clinebell added another dimension and he said , Pastoral Care is the broad , inclusive ministry of… [banner_entry_footer]

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