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Individual Professional Development Plan

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Individual Professional Development Plan

Where do I want to be one year from now

A year from now , I see myself in the line of work that interests me most . This is in the field of social work . Throughout any change process that I will undergo within this year , I will make initial contacts with several people . I would probably be more responsible and the definition ay philosopher Perls comes to mind as I remember that responsibility is actually Response-ability , a misused word . It means the ability to respond : the ability to [banner_entry_middle]

be alive , to feel , to be sensitive (Perls It does not mean obligation ‘ It does not mean duty

One way or another , this is something that I have been directed to do without asking why . I do it automatically , without accepting responsibility for my actions . This was the trait that saw me through the travails in my life where I moved from letting others be responsible for me to taking responsibility for myself . Perhaps this is what motivated me to pursue my goals in social work because I basically want to serve people and be responsible for their well-being . I learned early on not to assign the cause of my behavior to my parents . In the process I learned this most important value of responsibility that kept me grounded and helped me in my studies and work

In a way , my opinions have been changed because I have learned to create a balance in obeying s now that I am pursuing the course that is meant to serve others . It is here where I learn that there is blind obedience that ignores all rationality and obedience based on freedom . Those involved in a transaction are independent – they can walk away from the deal if they do not like what is happening . And just as they are free to leave , they are also free to stay . In fact , if one is not free to walk away , he is not free to choose to stay . Some of my own teachers have helped me develop a sense of competence and love of learning . Though some helped me find my own directions and make my own discoveries , others taught me to follow s and not ask questions . If I had enough teachers who cared more about their authority than about my growth , I probably would have left school more a robot than when I entered . I learned that to the degree that I have been conditioned in ways that block my process of organic growth , I act like a robot . I have learned not to react entirely to preprogrammed instructions in my memory

In the process of pursuing my goals , I know that I have to follow and be a good leader . I know that a good leader draws the best in others and has the vision to move ahead of the rest . He is able to plan ahead of time and foresee events before it actually happens . This is due to… [banner_entry_footer]

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