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Industrial relations ( asia pacific )

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Industrial relations

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” References : PAGEREF _Toc1 \h 15 Executive Summary

This has discussed the impact of globalization on the changing patterns of work in industrialized countries . We have discussed the concept of globalization as it has made promise for companies to work on a real-time basis , whereby products and services are conveyed to the right place at the right time . We further discussed Competitiveness trends and interconnectedness in past and present to have better understanding of employment patterns and their impact on industrial relations policy


Globalization refers to a world in which civilizations , cultures polities and economies have , in several logics , come closer simultaneously . It is usually measured to refer to a sequence of social processes and consequently is not typified by the institutional accouterments (Amin , A . 1994 . Moreover , globalization is considered as being in the dominance , changing economic , cultural and social surroundings so far regardless of its elemental effects , globalization as a phenomenon remains mainly tolerant (Massey , D . 1994

According to Giddens (1990 :64 , the concept can be defined as ‘the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa . Thus , the job of a coal miner in Britain might depend on events in South Africa or Poland as much as on local management or national government decisions

Although the notion does not just refer to global interconnectedness Globalization ‘is best understood as expressing fundamental aspects of time-space distanciation . Globalization concerns the intersection of presence and absence , the interlacing of social events and social relations “at a distance ” with local contextualities (Giddens 1991 :21 Amin , A . and Palan , R (2000 :240 , too , refers to the fact that globalization describes our changing experience of time and space , or ‘time-space compression

According to Jessop , phenomena firmly within an ontologically broader context of capitalist socio-economic and sociopolitical restructuring in to ascertain exactly how they intervene in power struggles over this restructuring . This would be in to clarify whether or not these interventions are contingent or can be attributed to objective necessities . In this context , it makes no sense to postulate ‘the market ‘ and ‘the state ‘ axiomatically against one another since the two really presuppose one another (Jessop 1997 :50-52 . Hence and indeed following Jessop (Magnus Ryner 2002 : 101 ) suggest that we pose the question of globalization with reference to the manner in which (a ) socio-economic s become materially reproduced (or not ) through the configuration of a regime of accumulation and mode of… [banner_entry_footer]

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