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informal discussions of The Iliad

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The Iliad

By Homer

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While reading the poem , readers usually get the impression that Homer has attempted to reflect the terrors of war and the miseries that it brings to those involved in the war . However , a thorough study of the poem leads us to another conclusion . Achilles is portrayed as one of the greatest warriors among the Achaeans and as a person who possesses considerable military knowledge and expertise . During the initial passages of the tale , Achilles refuses to fight for the Achaeans against [banner_entry_middle]

br the Trojans . However , he soon realizes that he can gain considerable fame and respect by fighting for the Achaeans and dying in the battle This particular decision of Achilles reflect the ancient Greek values which encourages men to give up their lives for the country instead of retreating from war and choose to live a longer but shameful life

People at the time honoured Achilles ‘ philosophy , which placed much emphasis upon a short glorious life over a long life with no glory at all . He won much honour and glory for a mortal that made his brief life meaningful . It was this that also enabled him to stand out in his own and in other ‘s eyes

One of the most noticeable aspects of this epic poem is that Homer has attempted to depict the wickedness , terror and grief that war brings to its victims . Throughout the poem , Homer has presented a detailed account of the war . The main focus of Homer is towards the one-to-one battles between men from both sides . These fights were the most dreadful of all and in most of the cases they ended up on the death of one of the participants . War and conflicts were one of the most important aspects of the Greek society . The Greek notion of bravery was to illustrate aggressiveness and assertiveness towards the opponents (Jones , 2003

Another prominent aspect of Homer ‘s Iliad is the influence of Greeks religious beliefs on his text . Greeks used to associate certain worldly resources to different Gods . Similarly , there were different gods for different groups or armies . This particular element of the Greek belief system is quite obvious in Homer ‘s Iliad , as both the armies were “controlled ” by two different gods . It was also a widespread belief among Greeks that the gods predetermine their actions or deeds and therefore they have little or no control over their actions . Almost every character of Homer ‘s epic tale seems to possess this belief (Jones , 2003

The above analysis points out towards the fact that Homer ‘s Iliad was in fact an attempt to portray an ideal world , which confirms to the norms and values possessed by the ancient Greek society . The element of continuous warfare , the depiction of bravery in the form of aggressiveness , the beliefs of Trojans and Achaeans in relation to their gods and the aggression and anger exhibited by Achilles throughout the tale are all a reflection of the Greek norms… [banner_entry_footer]

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