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Information Technology

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Information Technology



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Information Technology

The proper use of information technology contributes progress and development of the country that makes things easier and quicker to do The e-commerce has contributed a lot to the economic growth of a country where the business sector took advantage especially in advertising and marketing of products . Yet , this does not hold true with other basic commodities

Shopping is possible inside your house 24 hours a day and 7 days a [banner_entry_middle]

week when you need for something just through the internet . However , some people still prefer for an actual shopping for some personal reasons to see for themselves the stuff they need , and may be for actual testing or fitting . This article will try to present the two shopping systems , the traditional way of shopping and shopping through Interpace Computer System . Which would you prepare to take

The three popular e-commerce websites folica .com , drugstore .com , and eBay will provide some details about selling online particularly on the systems of product selling and purchasing . On the other hand , selling in traditional way continues to generate more sales compared to that of the online-based stores

In the end , you can view what products are available online or in market places . You can decide for yourself which will you prefer e-commerce , or traditional shopping

The e-Commerce Store

The drugstore .com is a leading online drugstore and information site for health , beauty , wellness , personal care , and pharmacy products . This provides the convenient , private , and informative shopping experience that encourages consumers to buy products essential to healthy everyday living1 . You can purchase their products through registering in few minutes and pay via credit card and you can have your chosen products They also have customer service to cater some query (drugstore .com 2006

Another is the folica .com , the most popular store selling beauty products online that offers free shipping on over 75 with 30 days money back guarantee2 . Their arrays of products are hair styling , hair removal , hair loss , hair care , skin care , men ‘s Den , Spa Body and make up , and other branded products . They have customer service for your questions and you can inquire from them 24 hours a day . Just register in a minute and your in right track to buy the products (folica .com , 2006

The last most popular is the eBay Online store . EBay has built an online person-to-person trading community on the internet , using the World ‘s Wide Web . Buyers and sellers are bring together in a manner where sellers are permitted to list items for sale , buyers to bid on items of interest and all eBay uses to browse through listed items in a fully automated way .3 The items are arrange by , where each type of auction has its own category . You can purchase their products in just few minutes after registering , and they will notify via e-mail (eBay .com , 2006

However , when you buy those products in… [banner_entry_footer]

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