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Information Technology

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This will be discussing the competence of an IT Project Manager This will describe the characteristics , skills , importance of this competency , and how exercising this competency makes an employee more valuable to a company . Using the sources found at the end of this research will be noted that will show the conclusions to the above mentioned s

Competency is defined by the PM Professional Learning Group (PMPLG (2 as the knowledge , skills , and experience acted upon by personal characteristics and attitudes ‘ They continue to mention that competence is demonstrated [banner_entry_middle]

through effective behavior ‘ They list seven characteristics of the competency for project management in their generic project management competency framework . These seven characteristics are business knowledge and expertise , planning , control and reporting , resource and cost management , risk management , quality management , and change management

The reason competencies should be used can be seen through a study reported by James Taylor (2 ) in his book Managing Information Technology Projects . The study originally reported in Computer World showed that project failure was due to a number of factors . Out of the companies surveyed the following statistics were reported failures due to a lack of : 42 project office or a clearly defined project organization , 41 integrated methods , 38 training and mentoring , 35 policies and procedures , 23 implementation plans , and 22 executive support ‘ This clearly shows a need for more competencies in the IT project management field . Another factor to keep in mind is best stated by Bob Wourms in his article What Makes a Good IT Project Manger : Five Keys for Success Wourms mentions As economic and business factors change , the role of project manager adapts to meet new needs and to solve new challenges This shows an exceptional reason why knowing and understanding the project manager characteristics and skills is necessary


According to the Center for Business Practices (CBP (2 ) training is very important to the success of an individual in project management . In their report titled The Value of Project Management Training participants surveyed reported that in 62 to 91 of organizations , PM training resulted in moderate to extreme improvement in the participant ‘s knowledge or skills ‘ They continue to mention that the most used training delivery method is the on-site classroom (40 of the time , followed by off-site classroom instruction (22 , and e-learning (27 ‘ and that organizations spent an average of 142 ,305 on PM training in 2003 , which amounted to 1 ,734 per project management employee ‘ This clearly shows not only a need for training , but a costly need at that

The report does continue to mention that most organizations do not require their project managers to take PM training (47 , but a significant number of organizations require their project managers take more than 50 hours PM training per year (21 ‘ To help back this up Timothy Wells and Christine Sevilla (42 ) mention in their book Maximizing the Enterprise Information Asset that Before an organization can begin to make dynamic gains in the value of its information assets , employees must be motivated to seek new information , new associations , and new ways of using information ‘ This expresses not only is the training important , but also the desire of the employees to get the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective project managers


Not only is training important but gaining skills is important to the project management position . In their book Project Management for the 21st Century Bennet

. Lientz and Kathryn

. Rea (121 ) mention Being a project manager is a lot of work . But it also means to get into management ‘ They also mention that It is unlikely that you will be selected to be a project manager for a major project without experience ‘ This shows that in to get into project management one would need to work their way up to management , but should also gain experience while moving up . The authors recommend looking for small projects with a low pro and that are low key . This way once the project is completed a reputation and skills are earned

To be more specific on the skills needed the PMPLG (3-6 ) break their seven characteristics down in to abilities that each area represents These needed skills under the business knowledge and expertise are the ability to apply detailed operational capability , operate effectively in the organizations culture , identify and manage assignments to improve business capability , using key players to the advantage of the assignment , and be able to work appropriate with the customer ‘s specialist and /r technical expertise . The control and reporting characteristic needs the skills to make effective decisions , ability to know what and when to refer to other decision makers , ability to communicate assignment progress , and ability to ensure performance measurement while establishing effective internal and external feedback with effective records

Some of the skills the planning characteristic needs are being able to be committed to the customer by thoroughly clarifying the requirement effectively evaluate impact and benefit of project to the business while accurately determining the assignment objectives , priorities , and success criteria . Similar to this is the risk management characteristic which needs the skills of taking a pro-active role in the identification of uncertainty , ability to communicate risk to others in the business ability to ensure risk management tools and techniques are being used effectively and efficiently while keeping the risk process ongoing and allocating risk ownership

The last three characteristics contain similar skills . For the resource and cost management skills needed are ability to manage cost and resources effectively , identify and communicate conflicts over demands or skills , and ability to monitor and communicate assignment speediness Quality management needs the ability to ensure quality planning identification of most appropriate technologies to deliver assignment and ability to identify improvements in the business process . The final characteristic change management needs the skills to be able to effectively handle change within the assignment by communicating change to the business , evaluate impacts of this change , and discuss any needs that arise for change . Looking at these needed skills an individual can see why proper training and experience are required for a position like this


As can bee seen from the previous two sections the importance of this competency is evident from the cost of training , to the amount of time spent by an employee on learning skills necessary to perform the duties effectively and efficiently . Having these skills and the proper training would be very beneficial to a company as explained by Kim Heldman in her book Project Manager ‘s Spotlight on Risk Management as the project manager , your primary responsibility is to satisfactorily complete the goals of the project on time , on budget , within scope , and while meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations


In for an individual to obtain excellence in these positions one must follow the correct training that the desired company either requires or offers . While working the way up to being a project manager one must try to gain as many skills as possible and take on small projects that will allow for exposure and learning along the way Starting out small one can eventually work up to larger more risky projects . Showing that one is able to handle the small projects also builds confidence in their superiors about the individual ‘s abilities and talents . The most important thing one can do is learn , learn about the company , the industry and new ways of doing business Works Cited

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