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Information Technology ethics workshop

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Government functioning is required to be based on transparency and equity to extend services to the community in a credible manner . The spread of broad band connectivity in Australia demonstrates how lack of transparency can limit the growth of [banner_entry_middle]

this essential service in the information age which can translate into potential development in varied fields from commerce to entertainment . It also underlines ethical considerations which include other aspects such as accuracy in reviewing and analysis of facts by public agencies for overall good . As per an article in Sydney Morning Herald of 9 March 2006 , considerable variation is observed in the data on broadband connectivity provided by the Government and the World Bank and while claims of one mbps (megabits per second ) broadband connectivity have been made by the government , in actuality this is restricted to 256 kbps (kilobits per second (Australian Web access running at a crawl , 2006 . The overall reluctance of the government in intervening as covered in the article also poses the dilemma of libertarian versus utilitarian morality in public governance

Proliferation of computer and communications technologies have raised a number of wider ethical issues , such as the responsibility of people and society who have greater knowledge in a particular field requiring to share the same with others (ACS , 2003 . It is thus the responsibility of every computer professional and by implication every government servant to enhance the growth of broadband based internet services in Australia . The policy on broad band raises a number of significant issues related to the government ‘s role in meeting public expectations providing environment for growth , maximising the resources available to the public and improve its public image in line with principles of social responsibility as well as utilitarianism . Social responsibility goes beyond the classical view that government needs to only provide the environment for maximisation of profit by private entrepreneurs thereby providing unrestricted freedom for growth . Social responsibility and classical views also clash with the utilitarian and libertarian views of morality (Kymlicka , 2002 . The report proposes to discuss these ethical issues in relation to the role of government in provision of broadband services in Australia

Article Summary and Main Ethical Issues Raised

Broadband is said to be the backbone of internet spread in any country It provides accessibility to the World Wide Web at high speeds , thereby facilitating a number of business , educational , entertainment as well as communication needs . The article under consideration relates to measures taken by the government for effective spread of broadband in Australia by providing transparency and controlling the technical parameters of usage (Australian Web access running at a crawl , 2006 The spread of broadband in Australia is said to be limited as the government has not been able to… [banner_entry_footer]

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