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Interagency Disaster Management

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Hazard and Risk Assessment

It is the best of times in one hand because of the amazing technological breakthroughs unsurpassed in its scope and frequency There seems to be a new discovery or new invention every day – increasing man ‘s knowledge and the ability to make wealth

It is the worst of times on the other hand because the same technology and the same access to information and wealth have indirectly aided two faces of evil in the modern world . The first one is the face of terrorism which uses money [banner_entry_middle]

and technology to sow seeds of terror and wanton destruction the second is the face of environmentally destructive business that has caused the earth to react in a violent way . The following pages will allow for an understanding on how to be prepared for such kinds of emergencies and disasters

In the book , Emergency Response Planning , Paul Erickson began his work on explaining how to have a proper hazard and risk assessment by defining key terms . He made a clear distinction of what is a hazard and what is a risk . The word hazard according to the author must be correctly understood as possibility and potential . For example a tool set placed on the precipice of a balcony . That is a hazard for it can possibly fall on people passing under that tower or that house . The term risk on the other hand is related to probability and that is the likelihood that a group of individuals will experience harm . This is where hazard and risk gets a connection . The chances of risk is dependent on the exposure of that group to a particular hazard (Erickson ,

. 28

So , the first step is to have an a list or inventory of hazards . This simply means that a careful observation of a company ‘s work site or a community ‘s surroundings will yield a basic understanding of what are the possible sources of hazards . Then the next step would be to an analysis of exposure will be made then finally an estimation of risk will be made

The result of these analysis will lead to the formulation of an emergency response policies and procedures that will then be used by corporate management or municipal leaders in the creation of a systematic emergency response plan

But before all that information must be gathered first and it will be helpful to be as detailed as possible . Mitigation of risks is solely dependent upon accurate information and therefore the system that will provide for such information must be geared towards achieving accuracy and relevance . Thus , there are three major phases that was identified by Erickson in to have a reliable hazard and risk management These are enumerated as follows : 1 ) Risk Assessment Phase 2 ) Safety Judgment Phase and 3 ) Make-Safe Strategy Phase

The Risk Assessment Phase was tacked briefly a while ago and it involves the analysis of potential source of emergencies and the degree of risk that can be experienced by… [banner_entry_footer]

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