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The term interest , is the `rent` paid to borrow money . The lenders recieves compensation for determinign his own consumption . The original amount rate is `principal , and the percentage of the principal which is paid /payable over a period of time (usually one year ) is the interest rate

To the economics is the return or gain from the use of real capital such as road , bridges , tools , tractors , factories and equipment and thelike1

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banking it is a money earned on a laon ( for examplegive to a bank or given by bank )according to a time-based rate result (wikipedia

They have diffirent explanation or definition on this tern ‘interest-rate ‘ because of their different function and interest freference . For the Bank , it focus on the money they lend to the company or people and the return of interest they gain . For the economist , for the return of money use inevested to property

Movements in the Market-Rates

The popular site HYPERLINK “http /www .bondsonline .com www .bondsonline .com , states that

The recent movement usually happen when the market submitted by a trader , then it is transacted immediately at the OANDA FXTrade servers without further communication with trader . The exchange rate used for the trade will correspond to servers and not necessarily the rate dispalyed in the Buy /Sell Market window at the time the was submitted . This is because the rate have changed between the time the was submitted and the time the is executed . Typically the difference between the rate obtained or an and the rate displayed in the Buy /sell Market window

when the is submitted will be small (and often to the advantage of the trader . However , in times of market volatility , the difference can be larger— in this case , the lower bound ‘ and the upper bound fields of the can be used to limit the traders risk , as described

Expert On Market Changes

Three financial expert like Ray Boulger Francis Klonowski and Anna Bowes says in the BBC news that , the changes rates are bad for mortgage holders and good for savers . However the lower rates are good news for mortgage holders but not savers

The business point of view and analysis says , for the Bank , it change because of the effect of high energy prices , which is feeding through the economy to affect everything from transport cost to the price of utility bills . Another cause is the he trouble in the Middle East pushing oil to over 70 per barrel . Expectations that the oil price rise would only be temporary are now being revised

To Ordinary citizen , the rapid rise in rates could lead to a big increase in the cost of debt , causing widespread difficulties for individuals who are over-stretch

In general , the Interest-Rate have different point of view on the part of investor depending on their line of interest . The countries have also different market-rates… [banner_entry_footer]

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