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Interpersonal Communication

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Listening Journal

October 2 , 2006

Today , we (my friends and I ) were sitting in the brickyard enjoying the listening party a fellow student was having . While everyone was listening , I decided to use this as a learning exercise we discussed in class . The excitement did not calm down for another 2-3 hours because it was a benefit show as well . While listening to the music , I found myself digging deeper into the lyrics to find the complete meaning of every song . By this , I could make a song list for my friend [banner_entry_middle]

‘s radio station later on that night . I took note of the songs ‘ themes ‘ and strung them together to create an radio show called Happily Ever After . The reason for this being because the songs were consistent in addressing the problems associated with love and how love can mean the world to everyone . It was a real learning experience because I have never used content reason listening to address the purpose of songs . My interests in music pertained to the instrumentals this was my first approach to comprehending the whole performance in one sitting

October 3 , 2006

The radio show went well last night (approximately 7 :30ish – 9 pm . The Happily Ever After ‘ song list included Monica ‘s Sick and Tired Kelly Clarkson Break Away , Beyonce Dangerously in Love , and other unique artists . My friends kept note of the discussions we had with the radio host as well . We were discussing a way to implement a new information system in the listening formats . For some reason , the new boards were having technical difficulties so the CDs were getting sounding incoherent . The music was fine , but we needed to know how to rewire the boards to his computer for the evening . First , he read the instructions to me from the website and I started messing with the wires . His USB port would not connect directly into the board so we needed another way to get around this trouble – I used my USB drive instead . Thankfully , there was a mixing program called Atomic DJ available for him to use as well . We read off the instructions once more in a slow manner so everyone could understand . This was considered action-oriented because the movements were consistent with what we were doing . No one wanted to mess up the equipment anymore than it was already . The best way to counter this was to trigger the USB port to function with the board correctly . This took about an hour and half to get everything smoothly , but it was another fun exercise to see if I was really paying attention

Discuss the listening style in which you were most comfortable

My friends and I used the content-oriented listening style to breakthrough our little problems with the mixing board that night Content-oriented listening was very important to me because it helped compile a magnificent play list for our audience that night . If I did not listen to the band ‘s lyrics directly , I would have… [banner_entry_footer]

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