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Interpersonal Communication

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in biology, life sciences

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Watch and Learn

Viewing fifteen minutes of an episode of Weeds while trying to interpret nonverbal cues seemed simple . After all , I ‘m familiar with the characters and the storyline – what could I possibly miss ? It turns out that while I was right some of the time , I was wrong others , and on more than one occasion , I even failed to take a character ‘s traits into account when making decisions regarding the nonverbal cues I observed [banner_entry_middle]

br The good news is that my roommate saw the same things I did , so I don ‘t feel as bad

I watched in silence as the white housewife and her African-American partner in drug crime entered a music studio . The African-American man slammed a baggie of weed in front of a man at the mixing console – he too was African-American . The two men exchanged handshakes and hugs – the cool man ‘ kind , and both eyed the white woman who had been placed in the background and was slightly out of camera focus (Almost as an after thought , she sat on the edge of another mixing console intentionally looking away from the men ) The males talked between themselves , but they made regular shoulder hitches , head nods , and eye motions toward the woman . It seemed obvious they were talking less about the marijuana as a product and more about the potential products ‘ the woman might offer ( MILF Money (While watching , I made a note that the participation by the white woman ‘s partner was annoyingly out of character , and turned him into a person that he ‘s never before been on the show . In all other circumstances , he ‘s been respectful and protective of the white woman

Once the two men had had their bonding ‘ time , the mixer moved over to the white

woman . He made contact with his eyes first : beginning at her waist and working his way up her

body as he did so , his head nodded slowly as if in appreciation , and when he finally met her

eyes , he crossed his arms and smiled – approvingly it seemed . It was only then he spoke . The

audience sees the woman only after the mixer has met her eyes , and the look on her face is part

smile , part knowing – as if to say that she deals with men like this all the time . It doesn ‘t seem

that their conversation will be productive unless the mixing guy focuses on the one product that

is for sale : the weed , but the woman does say something to the mixer with a broad smile on her

face and a nod . Maybe her business will come before her pride , after all . As the camera angles

change , the audience sees that the mixer half-leaned half-sat on the console next to the woman

but once the woman finished her first statement to the mixer , she stood leaving the mixer sitting ( MILF Money

This same scenes with the sound… [banner_entry_footer]

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