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Interpersonal Communication

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Nonverbal communication plays a great part in virtually all of my encounters with other persons . Nonverbal communication comprises of facial expressions , tone of voice , pose , eye contact , appearance mannerisms , and general behavior . Aspects of the immediate environment can also be part of nonverbal communication , where one can incorporate objects into his environment to send a particular message

For example , in a classroom setting , where I am a student , nonverbal cues allow me to convey my understanding of a subject . For instance , in a group activity , nonverbal messages I send out will tell [banner_entry_middle]

the rest of my group how I feel and how I would like to approach a subject . Silence and aversion from eye contact , for example , may communicate that I lack knowledge or confidence in the subject

However , it is easier to misconstrue the meaning of nonverbal cues in the case of communication with unfamiliar persons and persons with whom one does not have a close relationship . For instance , shyness can be misconstrued as indifference , or over-expansiveness is gestures can be misconstrued as arrogance . This can happen in a classroom setting , in a professional setting , or anywhere strangers are encountered Interpretation of nonverbal cues tend to be more accurate with family and persons with whom one has close ties , as there is minimal discomfort that can become a barrier to sincere nonverbal messaging

Sometimes , I find myself using a tone of voice that conveys a different meaning from my intention (an aggressive tone when I mean to express great interest , for instance . The most effective way that I can improve my nonverbal communication skills is by being aware of the modes of nonverbal communication . Although it is not necessary to constantly have an unwavering awareness of the nonverbal cues one sends out , as this may be unhealthy , unrealistic , and possibly insincere , familiarity with the ways one can communicate will no doubt facilitate more meaningful exchanges… [banner_entry_footer]

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