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Interpersonal communication

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In one day I can take on many roles . I can be a daughter , a friend , a student and a worker . As a daughter my parents expect me to be respectful , care about their everyday lives and be happy to see them they also expect me to be more affectionate and open to them about my life . By being a friend , my best friend expects me to be there when she needs comforting and when she wants someone to listen to her , to sympathize and encourage her [banner_entry_middle]

. As a student everyone expects me to go to class , to accomplish my requirements , to not actively participate in class discussions , to not have good grades and as a worker my boss expect me to finish the assigned tasks for the day , to deal with my coworkers appropriately and to come to work on time and be productive

I believe that all of my roles are influenced by gender stereotypes , as a daughter /son , my parents relate and interact with me in ways that are dictated by how we were socialized into gender roles . Like when my mother calls me during the day , she expects me to listen to her and respond to her questions with a detailed rundown of my activities which would have been different if she was talking to my brother who just answers in the usual yeahs ‘ and uhms , if I were to the same , then she would probably be angry with me and say that something is wrong with me . Female friends do have different bonds but I wonder if it is a product of being female or rather than an expectation by society that females cultivate a more personal friendship . I myself expect my girl friends to understand my problems , listen to me and offer support , while I won ‘t be expecting that of male friends . As a student , we are again treated differently by our teachers by virtue of our gender , males are expected to be the intelligent ones , they are given more difficult questions , they are the ones who get the bets assignments and challenging tasks , while females have to first prove that they are intelligent by challenging the males in the class or even to assume male-like qualities . In the workplace , males occupy the top positions have better chances for promotion and earn more than females . Females need to contend with the issues equality in the workplace , the slower rate of career advancement and so on . In every waking moment in our lives , family , friends , teachers , supervisors all treat us based on gender stereotypes that they too have been subjected to and the cycle continues

There are things when we become used to it , we never question its veracity . So when my mother expects me to respond to her in the way she wants me to , I do it without much thought , when a female friend is in trouble I listen and I comfort her because it is… [banner_entry_footer]

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