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Interpersonal communication Improvement Plans

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Interpersonal Communications Improvement Plan

Problem : I have developed a bad habit of not having confidence in myself at college , in my study habits , and expressing myself Goal : To improve my self-confidence , I will keep a good self-image . I will imagine myself as a strong , confident and decisive person . I will think and act positively . I plan to learn new study habits . I will be able to speak with my teachers and advisors about my problems

Procedure : First , I will have the confidence to ask for help . Next , I will not waste time [banner_entry_middle]

, energy and effort by worrying about my weakness and deficits . I will seek help and ask more questions to better myself . I will be more open about my problems . Finally , I will stop worrying about problems and work through them

Test of Achieving Goal : I will know I have achieved this goal , when I become more comfortable asking for help to develop better study habits The proof will be seen in my test scores and research s , which will show me that I can improve my grades in college through perseverance Journal Entry 1 Date : Oct . 4 , 2006 Results : I talked to my English teacher about my research that is due next week . She helped me with my mistakes . She said it was a good overall

Journal Entry 2 Date : Oct . 4 , 2006 Results : I talked to my baseball coach and explained my problems with my grades . He wants to help me in any way possible

Journal Entry 3 Date : Oct . 5 , 2006 Results : I talked with my advisor . I opened up to him by explaining that I can ‘t believe my tests scores , after doing so much studying . He led me in directions that should increase the effectiveness of my study habits . He knows that I can do it

Journal Entry 4 Date : Oct . 6 , 2006

Results : I emailed all of my teachers . I asked them how to improve my grades . I also requested study tips from them

Journal Entry 5 Date : Oct 7 , 2006

Results : I put to use the study tips from Dr . Bommarito . I didn ‘t get frustrated with all of the information that I needed to learn for my history test . I had to do it , so I did

Journal Entry 6 Date Oct . 8 , 2006

Results : I asked my parents to see how my studying was coming along They asked me questions from flash cards that I made . They were very supportive . They were very happy to see the new methods I have been using . They could see how I was not getting as frustrated while studying and writing research s Interpersonal Communications Improvement Summary

My original intention was to use confident behavior to improve my study skills , so that I may get better grades . I feel that I accomplished this , even in such a short time . Emailing my teachers was a small step but I believe it will pay off in the long run . Each time I talked to… [banner_entry_footer]

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