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Intervention of Cinematherapy

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Intervention of Cinematherapy


The Cinematherapy is considered a new counseling intervention based on the principals of bibliotherapy and the technology of video . According to Berg-Cross L , Jennings ,

Baruch , R (1990 , Cinematherapy is a therapeutic intervention permitting clients to visually evaluate a film ‘s characters interaction with others , their environment , and personal issues , in that way developing a bridge from which positive therapeutic movement may be accomplished . Ulus , Fuat (2003 ) explained that the use of movies as a tool in traditional therapy , diagnostic assistance in counselor training , and classroom [banner_entry_middle]

guidance /small group counseling in schools has increased in popularity . Watching a movie or a scene unfold is a participatory procedure for a client . The client is at some level , emotionally , physically , and cognitively involved in what is being viewed and heard (Tyson , Foster , and Jones , 2000

According to Peske , Nancy and Beverly West (1999 , an ingenious and exciting therapeutic intervention , cinematherapy utilizes movies and film as creative tools to promote self-exploration and guidance Prescribed by a trained professional , clients are recommended a film to view , which metaphorically depicts their own personal struggle with growth and development . This sudden interest in the use of film in therapy , school counseling , and counselor education has sincere ramifications . As with any new theory , qualitative and quantitative research is lacking in the field . Tyson , Foster , and Jones (2000 ) said that several see film as an unscientific tool with little research to account for its therapeutic value , believing it to be too simplistic . On the other hand there is little debate relative to the increasing interest in using film to develop therapy with clients , to promote discussion in school counseling classroom guidance and small group counseling , and in counselor education to identify issues concerning to diagnosis , ethics , and fallacies in counseling relationships

Provided with guidelines on How to View a Film Therapeutically , clients become observers of their own story , and view their experience from a higher plane (meta-analysis , as though they are “looking down on themselves ” which theoretically fosters greater insight and new perspectives on how to overcome the obstacles preventing true happiness Many use cinematherapy as homework , while others prefer guided viewing for the opportunity to process the experience in-vivo , or at the moment clients view the movie . Several professionals enjoy dividing a movie into three succinct parts to be reviewed over several weeks , while others report only showing significant clips to their clients . On the other hand you decide to apply cinematherapy , the power of the intervention remains constant , when used properly . A wonderful aspect of cinematherapy is the room for variation , such as utilizing films in group counseling . Some therapists have documented using one movie over an eight-week period , by breaking the film into smaller segments for optimal gain . In addition , some counselors have noted using only a specific scene in a film during a session , since it was that specific scene that contained the most powerful properties for the client . Again the great thing regarding this intervention is its room for… [banner_entry_footer]

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