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Many non-profit organizations exist nowadays . To give us clarity about their activities and purpose an interview was conducted

Interviewee : Ms . Tessie A . Bermudo

Current NGO involvement : ACALDI

Position : Agriculturist /Community Organizer

Previous NGO involvement : CARE Philippines , MASS-SPEC , MINARD , KAANIB

Project : Organic Farming

Project Location : Lagonglong , Misamis Oriental , Philippines

Project Duration : Three Years

Actual Interview

Interviewer : What is the mission of your organization

Interviewee : To help individual uplift their living condition thru livelihood programs using the primary source of living agriculture

Interviewer : How did your organization emerge p [banner_entry_middle]

Interviewee : After our president retired from his career he decided to establish an organization which will help its surrounding communities in their financial needs . Later when the group became bigger we started to put up a project (organic farming ) with the help of the different funding agencies

Interviewer : What services did you offer to the community

Interviewee : We introduced to them the organic farming along with the right knowledge . We also offer a budget for the demo farm , basically the starting capital

Interviewer : What are the similarities and differences of your previous organization with your current one

Interviewee : All non-profit organizations have the same mission to help . In this organization we are focus on agriculture while the previous like CARE Philippines offers health and other services . But everybody aims for good and hose different areas where they can give their help

Interviewer : How did your merge with the community and tell your proposal

Interviewee : Of course we asked permission first from the government officials . Then after that we called a meeting and introduce them the proposal

Interviewer : Why did your organization chose this area for the project

Interviewee : Lagonglong district have a large area of agricultural land and many farmers here uses chemicals for their crops which in return will damage the land and may put their health to risk

Interviewer : How can you say that this project will be succelful in this area

Interviewee : We conducted a feasibility studies and actually we ‘re not putting a new livelihood program but only enhancing their ability in farming

Interviewer : How can you say that there is an improvement with the status of living of your beneficiaries

Interviewee : We are now operating for about a year and we have known that they no longer had a debt in their money lenders and we also conduct evaluation as a part of our job

Interviewer : What if due to calamity your project fails and we know that there is an allotted budget for the project , what alternative means will you do

Interviewee : We have no control when it comes to calamities and disasters but as far as we know , this area did not experienced a disaster for the past 30 years and if it will come , we ‘ll put another project and will just see what we can do

Interviewer : How competitive is your product in terms of price and quality

Interviewee : We can compete when it comes to quality and price . We do not use chemicals and… [banner_entry_footer]

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