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Inviromental problems

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South East Asian countries are rich in natural resources . There exist in this region a remarkable diversity of animals , trees and plants . The shallow waters of its coral reefs have the highest levels of biodiversity for the world ‘s marine ecosystem . However , biodiversity is currently threatened by serious deforestation and marine pollution . In this , the researcher aims to identify the root causes of these environmental problems . The different aspects of the problems were considered in the identification of the possible [banner_entry_middle]

solutions that can be adapted by the region . Also , the policies that have been somehow overlooked which contributed to the problems were also considered . Facts and figures relative to the problem have been carefully taken from reliable sources MAJOR CAUSES OF DEFORESTATION AND MARINE POLLUTION

Deforestation is one of the most serious environmental problems in Southeast Asia (Friedman . Research , studies and surveys have identified several causes of this environmental problem by mostly non-government organizations and environmentalists in their efforts to help save the remaining endangered portion of the region ‘s forests . Likewise , marine pollution has been identified to be in need of immediate attention by the Southeast Asian nations . In this chapter , this research aims to present the major identified root causes of these two major environmental problems


A1 . Commercial Logging and the collection of fuel wood since early 1970s is the main source of tropical timber trade in the Southeast Asia (1 Because of the increasing demand of timber , particularly by the West greater pressure has been


put on the large areas of rainforests to meet the demand . Although there have been government policies existing to ensure the implementation of selective logging , economic benefit seem to be of higher priority to governments than environmental concern . Malaysia for example sacrificed 3 .5 million hectares of their forest for rubber and oil plantations . The governments of the region have evidently far more concerned on meeting the demand for fuel wood than the regeneration of the degraded forest

The demand for fuel wood is far greater than the resources available (Friedman . India ‘s demand for fuel wood is 133 million tons while its supply runs only to 33 million tons . Thailand has annual production of 16 million cubic meters but consumes 25 million cubic meters . This means that 9 million cubic meters were of illegal forest source (2 . Table 2 .1 presents the percentages of fuel wood cut in selected countries in the region

Percentages of Fuel Wood Cut in Selected Countries Country China 70

India 91

Philippines 77

Thailand 89

Table 2 .1 Adapted from Reporting on the Environment : A handbook for Journalists

A2 . Shifted Cultivation and Cash Crops- Because the indigenous people who were the original owners of the cleared forests are forced off their own land , they were only given one choice : move into already logged forest areas for cultivation in to continue supporting their own families . They start small-scale farming… [banner_entry_footer]

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