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Invisible Man

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Invisible Man


In our daily lives , we see so many people . How often after seeing them we simply pass by , ignoring and disregarding their existence . Without a name or source of identification , every person would look the same Ignoring a person sitting on the sidewalk and acting as if we had not seen him is the same as pretending that he did not exist . This is what makes that person feel that he is invisible and does not have any [banner_entry_middle]

br identity at all . The `Invisible Man ‘ focuses on the same issue . It is all about vision , blindness , and finding own identity . In the novel , the narrator is often confused as someone known as Rinehart . The readers never actually meet the Rinehart . He is however the master of disguise Simply by wearing dark glasses and a hat , he easily assumes and discards his multiple identities as preacher , lover , numbers runner , and a pimp The narrator in to find his identity disguises as Rinehart . This will discuss the significance of Rinehart and the narrator ‘s confusion with Rinehart in others ‘ eyes and how this experience helps him to understand his own identity

Importance of Rinehart and Search for Own Identity

A person ‘s identity is never the same , in comparison to the many people that view that person . This is something that the narrator recognizes but does not fully understands . While at the University , the narrator was only a petty black educated fool ‘ in the eyes of Dr . Bledsoe . At the same time , Mr . Norton (a white trustee of the university ) saw the narrator as being an object , who along with his people , were somehow closely connected with his destiny (41

The narrator is depicted in the novel in search of his identity . The narrator say that he is .neither dead nor in a state of suspended animation ‘ but rather is .in a state of hibernation (6 . Out in the streets , the narrator gets hard times . In an attempt to disguise himself and protect himself from physical abuses , the narrator purchases a pair of sunglasses with dark green lenses . After he puts them on , a woman walks up to him and addresses him as Rinehart ‘ The narrator replies that he is not Rinehart , and she tells him to get away from her before he gets her into trouble . This is the start of the character Rinehart , which otherwise does not exist at all . He is never introduced or found anywhere else . Similarly , the narrator of the novel is also depicted as having no identity . The author therefore defuses both of them and makes them one character . The narrator here adopts the identity of Rinehart

The narrator later further disguises himself with a large hat . As he makes his way back to Ras ‘s meeting , several people address him as Rinehart ‘ again . A woman on the street thinks that he is Rinehart her bookie a prostitute thinks that he is… [banner_entry_footer]

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