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IPA Assignment

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John Q . Student

Wright State University

IPA Assignment

This endeavors to answer a number of applied linguistics questions on phonology , morphology , syntax , semantics , discourse contrastive /error analysis , language functions and the IPA phonetic alphabet in this assignment . All of the questions will use a refrain from a famous children ‘s poem Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly


Use as many key words as possible in your abstract . Limit its length to 960 characters . For [banner_entry_middle]

an empirical study , use 100 to 120 words to describe the problem , participants , method , findings , and conclusions . For a theoretical or review article , use 75 to 100 words to state the article ‘s , thesis , scope , sources , and conclusions . Define all abbreviations and unique terms . Spell out names of tests and drugs use generic drug names . Use paraphrases , not quotations . Conserve space by using abbreviations express numbers as digits

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This template contains pre-settings for the essential features of APA format : margins , indentations , font , line spacing , and widow /orphan control , as explained in The Research Process (pp . 160 , 196-97 . To use this template , select “–Save As ” and save the template under a new name . Then use type-over insertions to replace the header , information block , and title . Finally , replace the text in the body of the template by using type-over insertions , or delete the body text in blocks (Hint Leave the sample block quotation in place to preserve its paragraph indentation as a model . Use type-over insertions in the bibliography to preserve the hanging indentations ) Here , then , is a sample block quotation

A quotation that occupies more than four typed lines should be indented five spaces from the left margin . In a student , a block quotation may be single or double spaced , without quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quoted material . Its right margin should be set at 1 Its parenthetical citation should be placed after the block ‘s last item of punctuation (Smith , 1988 ,

. 16

I suggest printing this template to make sure that your printer is properly configured to produce an APA page . It should produce no more than 27 lines per page , plus the header . The text block should be surrounded by 1 ” margins on all four sides . Each page should have a manuscript page header , not to be confused with the “running head described in the APA Publication Manual (sec . 5 .15


Doe , J . Q (1999 , 12 August . Title of an article . Title of a Magazine 212 , 23

Doe , J . R (1987 . Title of an article . Title of a Scholarly Journal 35 , 112-128

Lastname , F (1998 . Title of a sample book . City : Publisher

Maner , M (1999 , 14 April . Women and eighteenth-century literature Retrieved August 9 , 1999 from the World Wide Web http /www .wright .edu martin .maner /18cwom99 .html

[Designed for Word 97 .]1 . Phoneme : A phoneme is a family of similar sounds which a language treats as being… [banner_entry_footer]

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