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· Is a person more than a physical body? What is the mind? What is thought?

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Man ‘s fascination with what lies beyond his corporal existence is a basic and intrinsic element of humanity . It is natural for man to wonder the origin of his existence , purpose and ultimate purpose . How does one ‘s mind work ? How does man create thought ? What is the rationale of both

The greatest minds in our history sought these philosophical queries not just to understand their function and development but more to understand humanity and existence

The Viewpoints

Studies of the soul , mind and thought have figure strongly in [banner_entry_middle]

ancient treatises . Unlike today , there was no distinction between what could be examined scientifically and what was metaphysical . For a time concepts of the soul , the mind and thought that could not be physical measured were relegated to be esoteric (Hebding and Glick , 1992

Today , the investigation regarding these three concepts have regained scientific interest as we realize more that human existence and experience can not be boxed or strictly quantified


The English word “soul ” traces its etymology to the Old English sawol ‘ that in turn traces its meaning to a Germanic word seula that means belonging to the sea . Germanic mythology believed that spirits or souls when not associated with a corporal form exist together as part of medium resembling water ( Soul , 2006

The Greek and Roman philosophers Socrates believed that the soul was the core of a person (Lorenz , 2003 . His student Plato likewise believed the essence of the soul and considered it as the incorporeal occupant of our being ( Soul , 2006 . To Plato , the soul comprised of the logos the thymos and the pathos which all contribute to the stableness and serenity of the soul (Swineburg , 1997 . Aristotle agreed with Socrates and Plato regarding the basic concept of the soul but did not agree that it was a separate entity : the soul represented the “first activity which is the source of second activity ‘ or the physical manifestation of first activity ( Soul , 2006 . Most studies about the soul are from a religious context and the notion of afterlife . During the 19th and 20th century , researches focused on the identification of the soul apart form the human body . Experiments such as those conducted by Dr Duncan MacDougall sought to weigh the soul

Today , the concept of the soul beyond faith or belief is still in debate but its significance to man ‘s origin , life and purpose has not diminished . Researcher E . O . Wilson pointed out that sociologically speaking , the belief system regarding the existence of the soul is universal component of society and he has suggested investigations to study the relationship of biology and belief in souls . According to Daniel Dennett , the soul is just a manifestation of the human intentional stance . However Keith Sutherland points out that this was prejudiced for the philosophical schema of physicalism ( Soul , 2006


According to the mind was represented by logos , the component of the soul that espouses logic and balance . The term mind refers to the subject of a man… [banner_entry_footer]

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