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Is America ready for Socialized Medicine

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Is America ready for Socialized Medicine

Socialized medicine is something that evokes heated debate in the US the nation that has for a long time been grappling with its sky-high medical costs . With the costs escalating above the level exceeding that of even the developed world and population aging rapidly , it is not yet late to do something about the health care crisis . Socialized medicine arguably already exists in the US in the form of Medicare and Medicaid programs and VA hospitals , but its boundaries have to be expanded to address more [banner_entry_middle]

issues . An expansion of socialized medicine can help the poor , reduce instability for many people , and can help trim the high costs of treatment and prevention

The average per capita health care spending in the US is 5 ,267 compared to the industrialized world ‘s median of 2 ,193 ‘ and comes to hundreds of billions of dollars a year (Gladwell , 2005 . This spending , however , does not translate into higher quality of service Americans have fewer physicians in per capita terms , consequently see them less often , receive less hospital treatment , report lower satisfaction with the system , and finally , live less than the average person in the industrialized world

The material collected by Susan Starr Sered and Rushika Fernandopulle in their book Uninsured in America ‘ reveals many serious problems affecting the people who lack access to the sophisticated health insurance system . The stories they collected include accounts of untreated depression and struggling single mothers and chronically injured laborers (Gladwell , 2005 . The `teeth ‘ stories are especially pathetic , narrating of people who have kept their mouths shut for want of teeth , those who pulled their teeth out themselves with home appliances , and dampened professional prospects because people with ugly teeth are likely to be put in the background

All these data show that a problem exists and needs solutions . The solution is partly available already since America does have the hospital system sponsored by the Veterans Administration that have been recognized as superior to the fee-for-service facilities . Now coverage has to be extended to other groups

It seems feasible to try out a solution on a separate state or group of states before implementing it in reality . The state government can introduce a moderate tax that will provide for the services that today are covered exclusively out of patients ‘ own costs . This would allow the government to increase the range of services that are provided to patients free of charge

A good place to start would be dental care . Since millions of poor Americans are left on their own with their dental problems that can later translate into serious illness if not treated properly , they can be assisted by government-sponsored clinics that will cater to their needs . Initially , the clinics can start from a small range of services offering , for instance , only tooth extraction and filling . However , even this would help a great number of people . If the demand proves overwhelming , these facilities can introduce a small pay for their services that… [banner_entry_footer]

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