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Is “Free Trade” Fair Trade? Yes or no?

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It is very important to study the course on domestic controversial issues because by means of critical evaluation one can find and weigh all pros and cons of almost any critical problem in a contemporary society and then come to a proper conclusion . The importance of domestic controversial issues subject rises nowadays because of huge flow of false information created by global interdependence inner-country agitation and attempts to hide the truth from the public To prove that point of view , we want to take a closer look to a global process of [banner_entry_middle]

free trade and examine whether it is fair for all , involved in it or not

The phenomenon of free trade has become increasingly predominant in the modern world . Trade relations are among the most important links between countries . Free trade is fair because it is lawful , profitable and accessible for every country . It exists within trade agreements between countries which are signed on voluntarily basis . Special institutions observe trade relations and ensure the implementation of all terms of treaties . Every country has a right to choose the most appropriate trade regime for itself . Nothing can stop two countries from establishing free trade zones . For example , United States has bilateral trade agreements with Canada , Mexico , Israel , Jordan , Singapore and Chile

It is true that free trade relations are very profitable . They give great opportunities for both , trade and further political cooperation among countries . President George W . Bush said that free trade advances the “universal value ” of eradicating poverty , advancing human freedom , and cleaning the planet ‘ Recently Australia has signed a free trade agreement with the United States , but it has not ratified it yet According to the New York Times ‘ article Congress Vows Action on Australian Trade , if the agreement goes into effect , 99 percent of industrial goods in both countries will become duty-free immediately That will result in an estimated 2 billion annual growth in exports of U .S . manufactured products

Indeed , free trade is lawful enough . From this point of view it should be regarded as accessibility to free trade will provide positive results to every country and eradicate poverty ? In reality free trade is not a cure from all world ‘s ills . Yes , it opens great opportunities , but not for every country . In most cases free trade agreements are concluded by developed countries , not by developing

Developed and developing countries have unequal opportunities for cooperation . Developing countries can not be equalized neither in their trade positions nor in their development with advanced industrial entities ‘ level and free trade ‘ transforms into cooperation of exploiter and exploited or some of the countries are just left aside as Cuba in G . Bush ‘s efforts to create a free trade zone for Americas as Karen Ann Gajewski admitted

By means of free trade rich countries may become richer and poor countries remain poor . Dani Rodrik , one of the world ‘s leading trade economists , found that neither trade nor capital liberalization was strongly linked with development . Indeed , in a summary of… [banner_entry_footer]

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