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Is it Harder to Grow Up Male or Female in America?

March 22, 2016 | Author: | Posted in tourism

Is it Harder to Grow Up Male or Female in America

For the longest time , the issue on gender inequality have remained in our culture , despite the successes of women on gaining the right to vote , being able to earn good paying jobs , finish degrees , become politicians and social reformers , the great divide between the sexes is still felt . Being female and growing up in America is still a fortunate situation , the woman of this land have more opportunities and freedom to become what they want to be as compared to other countries [banner_entry_middle]

where women is still largely treated as a second class citizen . But what about the males of America ? They have been regarded as powerful , authoritative and superior to women , does it necessarily make it easier for them that they are treated as such ? The point is growing up male in America is much more difficult if one was female

The social and cultural expectations that our society holds for males puts them at a disadvantage . For example , a child who is born male is expected to be strong , unwieldy , and brave and a little aggressiveness is even smiled upon . This makes boys become emotionally intense , have less self-control , does not learn how to compromise and cooperate (Tudiver , 1999 . They are trained to achieve whatever that their parents or the boy would want to have . In our culture males are still expected to be the breadwinner , to be the executive and to hold key positions in the company or in office . And being determined , aggressive and a risk taker are the qualities needed to become as such . Their sense of self worth and identity is tied to what they achieve , so all their lives they exert all their energies into becoming an achiever . They miss out on the joys of genuine friendship , love and contentment because they are too busy coping with

the pressures that society subjects them to . Just think of how difficult it is for boys to live up to this expectations , moreover think of what it will do to their interrelationship skills

Boys are taught not to cry and to express grief or sentiments , which is why they grow up to be insensitive , uncaring and close minded , not because it is their nature but because its how society expects them to be . They become emotionally detached and even research have shown evidence that hypertension and heart diseases are associated with emotional stress (West Keller , 1995

They are deprived of the emotional attachments and close relationship that females have from the time they learn how to socialize till their hairs become white . Males on the other hand are not so fortunate , even the average life span of males is shorter than those of females , and physically males are more prone to disease , defects and abnormalities than females (Kraemer , 2000

Males in their lifetime have to contend with biological , social cultural and emotional difficulties that pressures them into becoming the men of America , they have to live… [banner_entry_footer]

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