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Is Life Difficult?

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Is life difficult

A data released by the American Association of Suicidology (2003 revealed that in the United States , 1 person kills himself every 16 . 7 minutes . In addition to this , many people are seeking professional help to deal with depression and cope with stress and life crises . This situation calls for an understanding the perception of people with life and more importantly to answer the question , is life difficult

Two major perspectives are to be considered , the Biblical point of view and the practical analysis of the situation

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the book of Genesis , Adam and Eve lived worry free in the Garden of Eden where the couple need not till the soil for food nor experience pain , misery , and suffering . Life has been difficult since Adam and Eve first sinned as the couple was banished from the Garden of Eden as a punishment for eating the fruit from the tree of life (The Holy Bible , Genesis 3 :16-19 ) Some religions believe that this is the reason or the origin of life ‘s hardships and trials . One may even think that life itself is a punishment . One can only find true happiness when that person returns in the kingdom of God where all of life ‘s difficulties cease

An analysis of the present situation would show that people need to work to earn money for himself and his family ‘s basic needs , and education Men are also made to suffer from the loss of a loved one or even inanimate things like a house or a car . Moreover , man ‘s quest for lasting happiness and contentment has been the reason why people endure such difficulties and hardships knowing that something better awaits for them in the near future

Yes , life is indeed difficult . Men can not do away with life ‘s difficulties . Men can not do away with life ‘s difficulties . However this does not mean that people should give up and not face life ‘s challenges . In this world , man needs hope to in to have the courage to move on and survive life ‘s inevitable difficulties Works Cited

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