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Is the Marriage safe without Premartial Counsel

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Is Marriage Safe without Premarital Counseling

The importance of Premarital Counseling

The emphasis of Premarital Counseling is on the helping of couples handle marital distress and ultimately the ending of a marriage . The general overall purpose and structure ‘ is to identify what participants perceive are attractive and positive characteristics /tools in premarital prevention approaches , i .e . characteristics , content , and s such as communication , finances , and problem solving . These are some of the most important elements of premarital counseling to couples .In general counseling , a review of a starting marriage , family and [banner_entry_middle]

premarital counseling addresses the extent of a premarital couple ‘s expectations regarding their relationship and future marriage

Suggestions are presented on how best to bolster efforts to deal with the seriousness of a couple ‘s marital future . Usually the marital counselor or in the case of a religious couple , the pastor , attempts to approach the task with realistic objectives based in the recognition that the strength of the counseling relationship is a mutual agreement on what ‘s important . In many cases , this may be the most significant aspect of the advice provided

Traditionally , premarital counseling is performed most often by members of clergy in religious settings . A secular review suggests that other professionals found provide the most helpful aspects of premarital counseling . They felt their suggestions for practitioners to be more beneficial in premarital counseling sessions held by professional counselors (Bruhn , 2004 , 389

Although engaged individuals are the primary consumers of premarital counseling , no previous substantial research has explored their perceptions regarding marriage preparation . Contemporary Family Therapy , Premarital counseling : A needs assessment among engaged individuals (December 29 , 2004 ) by Lee M . Williams reports what engaged individuals believe are the important areas to address when preparing couples for marriage . Ironically , the issues haven ‘t changed that much from the basics of finances , home and children . However , concerns of infidelity and drug abuse are issues of concern now . It also explores other attitudes and preferences that engaged individuals have toward marriage preparation

Places for Premarital Counseling

Should state governments be in the business of promoting marriage engineering by counseling ? If so , what kinds of policies and programs should they offer ? Some states have gone so far to enact covenant marriage laws . In Arizona , Arkansas , and Louisiana , the laws provide couples who apply for marriage licenses the option of a covenant marriage contract , which requires them to take premarital counseling by a counselor or clergy , seek counseling before applying for a marriage license (Parke , Ooms , 2002 , pg2

Even with premarital counseling readily available , relatively few couples seek formal preparation . Commentary attributes the problem of lack of participation with the programs themselves . The programs were designed and structured by the providers , i .e . politicians , not by the customers whom will use them

Counseling : Happy Lasting Marriages

Needs of marriage and family living have to be considered in

relation to the times in which they are observed . They are determined by cultural attitudes as well as by world events . They often reflect the conflict between former established family patterns geared to an earlier economy and the needs of today ‘s rapidly changing social scene . The transition from an established , to a new and as yet untried , value system constitutes one of the most important challenges that marriage faces today (Karpf , 1958 , pg 21

Without comprehensive historical data confirming premarital counseling it ‘s difficult to quantify today ‘s success or failure . Clearly , the divorce rate dramatically increased over the last 50 years . However the approach taken , if it has any real effect , is to serve the men and women who come to for consultation . There is an attempt to recognize the needs of each couple and to cultivate an approach that will win confidence and cooperation , and that mantra has not changed . In any work with men and women who seek help it is essential to

understand and recognize their needs . Whether that approach translates into long term happy marriages is impossible to determine . The approach to the problems of marriage and family life is often exceedingly difficult . The men and women who come to us seeking counsel and guidance are as a rule disturbed , distressed , and bewildered . Most of these men and women hope for and even expect a confirmation of their own opinion and position in the case , and they are disappointed when we venture to disagree or disapprove (Goldstein , 1945 , pg 193

In the Christian marriage , premarital counseling is very important . One spouse could be Catholic and the other is Baptist . In the beginning neither realized how difficult it would be . Even something as simple as finding a church home , they could attend together becomes a challenge Marriage , with or without Christian premarital counseling , is a challenging adventure

However Christian counseling points out how it can be both rewarding and fulfilling if it is characterized by unconditional commitment and sacrificial love . Currently , a little over half of all first marriages end in divorce . Sadly , couples that marry without having premarital counseling are at much higher risk of divorce . Those who have prepared for marriage by getting some secular (non-Christian ) premarital counseling are better off than those who have had no preparation for marriage at all (Christian Premarital Counseling , 2006

Ecclesiastes 4 :12 , If a man prevails against one who is alone , two shall withstand him and a threefold cord is not quickly broken Christian premarital counseling prepares a couple seeking marriage to enter into a relationship based upon sacrificial love for one another and to place the needs of others before the needs of self . As part the union , the couple is encouraged to include Jesus Christ as the third party ‘ or third cord ‘ in the marriage . When martial bliss is interrupted with the struggles common to any marriage , it is the belief in God that will strengthen the union

At the root of many of these problems is pride . Alone or married , one often believes they can solve their own problems . This can be aggravating in a marriage , especially when one spouse recognizes a need for help and the other refuses . Christian counseling trains the couple self examine , Test your own selves , whether you are in the faith . Test your own selves . Or don ‘t you know as to your own selves , that Jesus Christ is in you ?-unless indeed you are disqualified ‘ 2 Corinthians 13 :5 . This principle would also include marriages , so if there are issues that need resolution , counseling is a godly choice

Although Christian counselors often use skills from the field of secular psychology and counseling , they recognize that the Bible , not psychology , is the final authority

Secular and Christian pre-marital counseling share the same desire to help young couples before they undertake a life changing journey

Most secular counselors have graduate degrees and have spent many academic and clinical years learning and practicing their profession Their secular approach focuses on advising and encouragement , sharing wisdom and skills , setting goals , resolving conflict , etc

Secular counselors usually probe the past (whether the problem happened a week ago or during childhood ) in an attempt to repair the present

Sometimes they explore possible affects of physical and chemical imbalances that can cause physiological problems . A major part of counseling is resolving and restoring conflicts between people

Overall pre-marriage counseling that teach specific skills reduce the divorce rate . And of course , like all things , advice and support vary But the less , it is wise to recognize that premarital counseling is another tool in life , not the comprehensive answer . Unfortunately , the majority of couples wait until they ‘re married and the relationship is advancing to another stage

Proactive , intentional preparation is much less costly and so much more effective . Planning a wonderful a wonderful life together is great , but a preparation from the stare will advance the success in a marriage , and that is at least as important as anything else

Essentially , when professional or religious assistance is available to help those at any age find meaning and joy in a new married life , it is a wise decision to heed the voices of experience . In the final analysis , the true purpose is to become a physically and healthy well-adjusted emotionally stable couple


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