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Issue Analysis – Nursing Issue

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Nursing Shortage 1

Nursing Shortage : An Issue in Health Care

Nursing Shortage 2

Nursing Shortage : An Issue in Health Care

The present nursing shortage is a serious issue which poses a real threat to the future of the Canadian healthcare system especially on patients . Because of this patient safety is threatened and health care quality is deteriorating . This is because nurses are greatly responsible for the majority of patient care , as they perform the vital functions in a patient ‘s confinement in the hospital and thus providing more face to [banner_entry_middle]

face services than doctors

Nursing experts attributed this shortage to many different reasons But according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA , and Statistics Canada , there are three main reasons for this shortage . First , it is mainly due to age or retirement of older nurses . Second , many are leaving the profession due to overworked and some even migrated to other countries in search for high paying ones (Spurgeon et al , 2004 . Third , the number (especially the younger generations ) entering the nursing profession continues to decline as they see the lack of stability and thus tend to choose other careers (Canadian Nursing Advisory Committee , 2002

The CareerJournal .com has surveyed that the best careers do not include nursing . Some of the respondents mentioned that the lack of fundings and facilities to train new nurses , poor working conditions in hospitals and poor salary scale make the nursing profession not a compensatory career

While it is easy to blame the government for this shortage due to lack of fundings for nursing programs , however , equally important is career burn out . It can ‘t be denied that nursing is one among the many jobs that has a stressful work environment . So , the job itself is responsible for this shortage . Thus this has been an issue as CNA President Rob Calnan (2003

Nursing Shortage 3

says , The reality is that Canada needs a comprehensive national health human resources strategy to address the nursing shortage . Research published last year by CNA predicts that Canada will have a shortage of 78 ,000 registered nurses by 2011 and up to 113 ,000 by 2016 . We need to ensure that there are enough registered nurses to meet future demands What makes this issue even worse is that research studies have found the shortage is already having a proven , adverse effect on the ability to deliver quality healthcare in Canada . One important negative effect on patient healthcare is the increased risk of patient deaths as simply there are not enough nurses to safely care for patients . Another is the increased medical errors arising from many complications because of this shortage . All of this equates to the inadequacy to meet the future health care needs of Canadians

Historically , about ten years ago , in 1997 , CNA commissioned a study on the demand for and supply of nurses . It was completed in the summer of 1997 and issued under the title A Statistical Picture of the Past Present… [banner_entry_footer]

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