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Jail population

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p Each individual in the criminal justice system plays a very important role in affecting jail population size . The first major role player in the system falls within the law enforcement as they collaborate with other criminal justice agencies in to alleviate jail crowding They are deemed as the initial gatekeepers to the criminal justice system . By determining whether to make an arrest or to transport someone to the jail or the station can thus become a factor in affecting jail population . Part of the efforts of law enforcement agencies is to [banner_entry_middle]

encourage citizens to take the initiative in preventing crimes and to become partners with the police thereby improving relations with them In turn , the police are also encouraged to seek alternatives to arrest that may more effectively solve the immediate problem . These are called community policing programs wherein police operations are made more visible ultimately increasing police accountability . Among such programs are pre-arrest practices wherein citation programs are employed because it offers an effective method of diverting many arrestees from jail intake . In fact , jurisdictions all over the country credit increased use of citation as one of the several measures leading to a reduced jail population

Hand in hand with the police and their community policing programs jail administration and their administrators are also huge factors in reducing jail size population . Although jail administrators have no direct control over who is admitted in jail , they nevertheless influence jail capacity requirements . They can facilitate efficient decision-making at the first stages of processing by providing access to inmates and sharing relevant information about the inmates . However jail policies and procedures that delay the pre-trial services interview and setting of bail may have repercussion for crowding . Other alternatives may also be undertaken in to relieve jail crowding are information gathering about the individuals in jail and their LOC By providing accurate information , any population reduction program will not be hampered . This in turn will lead to providing easy access to inmates and determination of who immediately needs access to pre-trial services , public defenders , mental health and substance abuse treatment providers , probation officers and other services providers

Aside from putting arrestees to detention awaiting hearing , one of the determinants of incarceration is prosecution . Following an arrest , the prosecutor is the central figure in determining who might be directed away from adjudication . Thus , a prosecutor ‘s decision at the intake pre-trial preparation and sentencing stages bear directly on jail population levels and lengths of incarceration . For instance , a prosecutor ‘s sentencing recommendation can have a significant impact on jail crowding . Thus , in to alleviate jail crowding , local jurisdictions can use a range of alternatives that will meet the need for flexibility in sentencing

No other role players in the criminal justice system that is more important other than the members of the judiciary . Admittedly , members of the judiciary have more control over the ebb and flow jail populations . Judges are involved directly and indirectly in all aspects of criminal case proceedings… [banner_entry_footer]

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