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Judgement and Experience

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Prompt 1

I ‘ve often been too trusting , maybe gullible . I ‘ve also sometimes been careless in a need to assert my own identity . I ‘ve made rash decisions concerning employment or relationships at times . What I learned seems somehow more significant because I made the decisions myself . It seems like I know ‘ what I know

Prompt 2

In a busy day , I try to prioritize and list what I need to accomplish As I complete things , I refer to the list to see what ‘s next and try to [banner_entry_middle]

br allot an amount of time . I usually try to let family members know when I am very busy so they do not think I am being insensitive to them . If they can help , I do try to enlist their assistance . I prioritize mainly based on my goals , but an urgent family crisis will take precedence over all . I usually have school as important as work . Occasionally , one side may suffer or the other depending on the Prompt 3

Going to school on-line enables me to juggle many of the different things in my life . Having to attend a classroom at a certain time may conflict with work or other things I am trying to accomplish . I ‘ve noticed that other schools definitely have a socializing component that is not present in on-line classes , but the plus is that there is little of that type of distraction . I ‘m proud of my education thus far . I feel I ‘ve fought hard for everything I ‘ve gained . Some low points have been when I have struggled in certain classes or felt overly stressed from a class . I feel that now I ‘ve experienced enough to know that I will get through those situations and life will go on

Prompt 4

My most powerful memories are of childhood . I just remember the happiness and carelessness I had . The memories are mostly pleasant , but I can sometimes feel a sadness when I think of them and consider how much I need to do right now . They influence my decisions because I want to achieve a semblance of that peace again . I want most of all to be happy in my career and enjoy what I am doing . Thinking of my prior contentment helps me to strive to create something that considers who I am and not just money or other materialistic gains

Planning Cont



Sports /Drawing /Friendship /Outdoors


Parents /Cousins /Grandparents

Attitudes /Events /Losses /Gains

Peace /Self-Knowledge /Contentment


Completing the circle

Career /Friends /Family /Balance


Childhood-like Contentment

Rough Draft

The Return of Spring

Childhood is an important part of each person ‘s life . It is a time when we have our first experiences and are in a constant state of protection and care . One of the things that I remember the most about my childhood was the playful attitude of my grandmother . She combined this attitude with the determination to work hard and made herself an incredibly unique… [banner_entry_footer]

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