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Karen Horney

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Karen Horney

Karen Horney was a revolutionary theorist in personality psychoanalysis , and feminine psychology . Theories of hers questioned many traditional Freudian views , particularly his theory of sexuality and the instinct orientation of psychoanalysis . As such , she is often classified as one of the post HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Neo-Freudian ” \o “Neo-Freudian ” -Freudian . Throughout the history of psychology , Karen Horney was undoubtedly a great influence to many self-psychologists , humanists , psychoanalysts feminists , and cognitive therapists


Karen Horney was born September 16 , 1885 , to Clotilde and Berndt Wackels Danielson , in [banner_entry_middle]

Eilbek , Germany (Quinn , 1987 ,

. 19 . Her father was a ship ‘s captain , a religious man , and an authoritarian . Her mother was Berndt ‘s second wife , who was considerably more sophisticated than Bernt . Horney had an older brother , also named Berndt , for whom she cared profoundly , as well as four siblings from her father ‘s previous marriage (Rubins , 1978 ,

. 12-14

Growing up was not an easy process easy for Horney . Although her father often bought her gifts and took her on exciting trips , she felt deprived of her father ‘s affection . She always thought that he was .a cruel disciplinarian figure who her brother Berndt over her . Because of this , she became especially to her mother (Sayers . 1991 ,

br 85 . At the age of nine , she developed a crush on her own brother . As she felt rejected and pushed away by him , it led to her first short period of depression . It was during this time she changed her approach to life , and became ambitious and even rebellious (Quinn , 1987 ,

br 22-23

In early adulthood came several years of stress . In 1904 , her mother divorced her father and left him with Horney and young Berndt . In 1906 she entered medical school , not only against her parents ‘ wishes , but also against the opinions of polite society , which did not value academic achievements in women at that time (Quinn , 1987 ,

. 101 . While there , she met a law student named Oscar Horney , whom she married in 1909 . Next year , Horney gave birth to Brigitte , the first of her three daughters . Like Horney ‘s father , Oscar was an authoritarian who was mean and harsh on his children (Rubins , 1978 ,

. 34-35 . Another year after Horney gave birth , her mother died . Horney then turned to Freudian analysis to help her through the hard time

In 1923 , Oscar ‘s business was shut down and he became ill . In the same year , Horney ‘s brother died at the age of 40 of a pulmonary infection Her brother ‘s death , along with her husband ‘s behavior , contributed to Horney ‘s depression and suicidal thoughts (Sayers . 1991 ,

. 88 Eventually , Horney and her daughters moved out of Oscar ‘s house , and settled in Brooklyn in 1930 . While she was there , she developed her theories on neurosis , based on her experiences as a psychotherapist (Quinn , 1987 ,

. 190-191 . By 1941 , Horney established and became Dean of the American Institute for Psychoanalysis , a school for those interested… [banner_entry_footer]

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