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key areas of work by the U.N

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A Research Proposal (Key Areas of Work by the United Nations


Harnessing the Potential of Inter-Faith Communication as a Pacifying

Factor for Transnational Conflicts

At the forefront globalization and the dramatic turn of events worldwide , the focus of states and government is towards economic stability and human development . These goals are also in conjunction with the goals set forth by the United Nations (UN , in particular priorities on developing nations . More to this , the UN and its subordinate agencies are mandated to extend support and technical services on priority [banner_entry_middle]

and special cases and at different areas

These global aspirations are carried out through government collaborations and or at the regional and bilateral level . However , at various junctures , these initiatives are often hampered by interventions driven by conflicts or disputes among nations and or within its people Most often than not , these conflicts are either anchored or rooted to religious differences which brought about misunderstanding among interest groups . Hence , giving way to bitter resolution – wars and or violence

Relative to its functions and mandate , ethnic or religious conflicts have been proven to directly or indirectly affect the efforts of UN for international development , peace , justice , security , cooperation , gender equality , human rights and social justice . The domino effect is very apparent and dreaded in this type of conflict . Hence , an integrated approach in harnessing inter-faith communication among world religions and denominations is seen as a key factor in mitigating and or pacifying on-going international or bilateral conflicts

II . Discussion

Inter-faith communication could be realized in various venues and through different media . In fact , it has itself a long history to stand on its own . This is done usually through inter-faith dialogues . But inter faith ‘ has always been interpreted in different ways and scope Many were initiated by a particular group and were limited only to bilateral religions . On a wider range , many international organizations were born out of interfaith dialogues , usually inter-denomination within traditions such as Christianity . An example of which is World Council of Churches , the broadest Christian inter-denomination alliance

However , this does not include other major religions , not even Islam and the Catholic Church . Hence , a more integrated organization and a broader segment of religion or denomination are needed to establish and institutionalize inter-faith cooperation and understanding . Prior to coming up with this goal , a thorough study of the communication factors conflict or risk management practices , cooperation and understanding principles as variables used and potentially to be used by different religions or faith is significant to establish the objective set above

Identifying Communication Factors

This involves the identification of communication factors such as communication gap (language differences , information lapses assimilation and or misinterpretations . This also allows for a better understanding of the weaknesses of the respective parties in holding dialogues or reaches out initiatives

Risk or Conflict Management

This variable is a very critical area in dealing with religious conflicts . The assessment of how parties practice conflict or risk management within their line or a counterpart enables possibility… [banner_entry_footer]

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