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Kudler Fine Food

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Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods is a small business founded in 1998 that is now highly competitive . Kudler is located in Southern California and offers a wide range of quality gourmet foods to its customers . Initially , when Kudler just opened , management chose to employ Microsoft Access as a way to keep track of inventory , receive incoming s , and keep track of customers . As such , the role of management in the company is minimized whereas the primary functions are being carried out through integrated technological solutions

Management in Kudler is carried [banner_entry_middle]

through the database that contains nine tables . Each table has a specific function and aims at facilitation of s placed by customers in the stores . The customer table is perhaps , the most valuable part of the solution that contains data for each of the customers including demographics , birthday , anniversary data that is further used for mailing . The second table is inventory , which is being used to determine the availability of items that go into the items . Information about inventory is linked to the supplier ID table manages information about each being placed within a given store this information is then linked to line table . line table is used to manage details about the s being prepared and contains such information as general , quantity , and price table is linked to store table , which , in turn , retains data about each location including address and phone numbers , name and emergency contacts . Supplier data is used to manage information about suppliers and contains such data as wholesaling , and vendor details this table is linked to the inventory table . Tax table provides information about the taxes applicable to each and is then linked to the table Finally , tender table is used to record means of payment – such as cash or credit card – and is linked to the table . As such , all everyday management operations being carried by the integrated system , which contributes to savings and at the same time results in better quality of goods delivered eliminating the possibility of mistake (Kudler Fine Foods Database Analysis , 2006

Considering the current operation process employed at Kudler , company is highly dependent on technology . As previously stated , Kudler is currently using Microsoft Access Database Management System (DBMS which does provide an opportunity to tack inventory and effectively manage customer information , but does not have access to Internet . This is a significant drawback , as by adding an on-line ing solution based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 , Kudler would be able to target a significantly wider range of customers , make the system more usable , and would speed up its ‘ operations (Kudler Fine Foods Proposal , 2006 . Going even further , by adding in this feature , Kudler could upgrade to a local delivery service due to the online clientele

The present current objective utilized by Kudler is to maximize own profits by offering the best quality of products at competitive prices When integrating operations of Kudler with the 5 Forces Model introduced by… [banner_entry_footer]

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