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Labor Unions

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Labor unions

The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 or Wagner act was introduced with the intention to protect the rights of the workers . During this time there were many instances of the harassment of the laborers by the employers . This act ensured the right of the employees to collective bargaining which was necessary for the laborers to bargain with the employers for their rights . In to enforce this act National Labor Relations Board (NLRB ) was created and it was given wide powers to determine the relationship between the employer and the [banner_entry_middle]

employee . In the light of the fact that the employers were adopting various anti worker policies , this act was successful in protecting the interest of the workers (Bain , n .d ) This is the main reason for its popularity among the workers who were allowed the right to unionize . The NLRB can be approached by the labor unions with the request to arrange for the secret ballots while forming the labor union . This act gives the laborers the right to bargain with the employers , fight against injustice through strike and lock out (Bain , n .d ) The employees are also given the option not to indulge in unionization activities . Before forming the unions the NLRB is supposed to be convinced with the fact that a particular labor union would represent the interest of all the employees . The labor union should represent the interest of the laborers who share similar problems and interest . By conducting the operations to establish their own unions , the NLRB was expected to safeguard the interest of the workers (Bain , n .d

The employers are also expected to follow the labor law which is controlled by the federal and the state governments . The employees can approach NLRB whenever they find that there are unfair labor practices Both the employees and employers are not supposed to indulge in unfair labor practices . The employers are expected not to discriminate against the union members while recruiting them and while continuing their service . More often it is found that the management used to hire the workers who were not the members of the labor unions or who did not agree with the ideology of the unions (Bain , n .d ) When such unfair labor practices occur , the labor unions can approach the NLRB which uses its power to investigate into the allegations of exploitation of the laborers by the employers . The main duty of the NLRB is to maintain the cordial relationship between the workers and the employers . Through this particular act the government attempted to avoid the exploitation of the workers . These sections of the Wagner act satisfied the demands of the workers and naturally they favored this act . NLRB has handled thousands of cases concerning unfair labor practices . These cases show that the Wagner act has succeeded in protecting the interest of the workers . The workers have been able to unionize or not to unionize and they are given the power to go on strikes . Legitimate strikes are supported… [banner_entry_footer]

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