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Lack of housing for the elderly

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Over 33 million people in the United States are now above 65 years of age and by the year 2020 it will increase to about 53 million , or one in every six Americans . As the elderly individual grows old , their time on this earth becomes very valuable . Consequently , a problem like where will these individuals choose to live out these precious years becomes even more critical . Accordingly , it is important to provide housing options which recognize the value placed upon the latter years of ones ‘ life . Most importantly , housing programs must [banner_entry_middle]

be created which seek funding sources from the government

The decision of where to live is one of the most challenging ordeals to deal with as one gets older . One of the main contributing factors to the difficult challenge of choosing appropriate housing is the unpredictably of how we will age and how long we will live . HYPERLINK “http /www .usd .edu /elderlaw /archives /housing_options_for_the_elderly .ht m ” \l “_ftn1 ” \o ” Over and above the unpredictability of aging , one must be concerned with the actuality that the average life expectancy for the elderly is increasing , which results to higher possibility that the elderly these days will have to cope with some sort of chronic health condition . HYPERLINK “http /www .usd .edu /elderlaw /archives /housing_options_for_the_elderly .ht m ” \l “_ftn2 ” \o ” For this reason , one ‘s ability to keep up the well-being and self-sufficiency while living out one ‘s abridged life tends to become a very expensive aim . This expense has an unfortunate effect on the majority of the elderly owing to the decreases in income after retirement . HYPERLINK “http /www .usd .edu /elderlaw /archives /housing_options_for_the_elderly .ht m ” \l “_ftn3 ” \o ” This presents selections of strategies that give support to the elderly in this challenging struggle like several housing options , and usually the first and most common option applied is government aid

The elderly population is fast expanding while the core tax-paying population is decreasing . As the elderly population increases , and consequently the need for adequate elderly housing services intensify the resources to offer services will drop off . Finding a more effective method of service delivery is of supreme importance . In the present day however , the existing connections between elderly health and housing are weak at best . Accordingly , the most pleasing and most cost-efficient method of aging – aging in place – is not easy to achieve , even under the most ideal conditions

There 34 million Americans over the age of 65 . On average they constitute 10 to 13 percent of each state ‘s population . Those states with the highest concentration of the elderly are Florida , the northeastern region and the Midwestern corridor . Nevertheless , the number of elderly in Washington becomes alarming as well as its number rapidly increases . In 55 years , the number of people aging 65 years and above will more than double , the number of those 75 and older will triple and the number of people 85 and older will quintuple . The elderly population is projected to multiply twice… [banner_entry_footer]

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