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LAN Communication, Firewalls and Internet Security

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LAN Communication , Firewalls and Internet Security

2006 LAN Communication , Firewalls and Internet Security

1 . Introduction

The development of telecommunications and internet technologies has provided many benefits for business and individuals as they can communicate anytime , by any means , anywhere . Thanks to the improvement and maturity in networking technologies that helps people to communicate one to another across the cities , lands , or even continents

In information technology (IT , a network design plays important role in determining a success of information transmission . Since network design is important factors in telecommunications , Dennis (2002 [banner_entry_middle]

) suggests that there are three basic network designs that any network designer should take into account they are need analysis , technology design , and cost assessment



Figure 1 Geographical-based Network Hierarchy In terms of need analysis , for example , a company must decide what kind of network hierarchy the company wants to employ . If the business has a multinational operation , the company might set up international network that connects many locations in several countries . Each location might have local area network that connects all users in the same building or location . Figure 1 exhibits typical levels of network hierarchy based on geography or location

2 . LAN Communications

The development of networking technologies has provided network designers with vast range of options they can choose . The options include topology (star , mesh , or bus , media transmission (cable or wireless , speed and many other . Whatever the options are , LAN design must adopt four elements as following

Functionality LAN must provide users with reasonable speed and reliability

Scalability considering users or employees in a company may grow in number , therefore , LAN must be able to cope with the growing number of users without any major changes to the overall design

Adaptability since networking technologies are changing every time therefore , network must be designed with an eye toward future technologies

Manageability LAN must facilitate network monitoring and management (Harris , 2000

2 .1 Networking Security : Software and Hardware Firewall

In LAN communications , one major concern is on the security since unsolicited users may cause losses to the company since they can tap data transfer between users . In to prevent such condition , network must employ firewall . There are two kinds of firewalls they are software and hardware firewalls

Firewalls are type of networking security that intends to prevent outsiders enter a company ‘s enterprise LAN or to keep the users of the company ‘s LAN pure and chaste by not granting access to unwanted websites (Linux Documentation Project , 2006

Hardware firewalls seem to provide the highest level of protection from most forms of attack coming from the outside network . The benefits of hardware firewalls are they present little or no configuration and they can guard every device on a local network

The use of firewalls in this design becomes the primary source of protection for my company ‘s e-commerce site although it is insufficient to prevent attacks from this new threat

Figure 1 A more detailed Architecture of Secured E-Commerce Site

Source : RSM McGladrey , Inc . 2006… [banner_entry_footer]

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