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Latin America

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Latin America

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Chapter 1 . The problems of the Mexican government in 2005

Chapter 2 . Democratic achievements of the governments of Latin America

Chapter 3 . The current conflict in Colombia

Chapter 4 . Political economy



Foreign investment

Chapter 5 . Revolution in Cuba


I . Introduction

The essay is focused on the political , economic and cultural issues of Latin America . Many modern thinkers agree that Latin America has all the necessary potential to become a prosperous and highly developed continent . This [banner_entry_middle]

region has an extraordinary diverse culture , rich natural resources , and lacks racial , religious differences which cause violence and armed conflicts all over the world . However , Latin America today is characterized by political and economic instability . Why does this happen ? What are the deterrents of Latin America ‘s development ? The essay will study two political regimes (socialistic and neolibaral ) and the problems the governments face in Mexico , Cuba , Colombia in to find out positive and negative sides , achievements and ultimately to compare strengths and weaknesses of socialism and neliberalism . In chapter 1 the essay will examine the problems of the Mexican government in 2005 and suggest discussion of their causes then in chapter 2 the essay will analyze the governments of Latin America which have been functioning for the past ten years and single out their democratic achievements . The next chapter of the essay will investigate the current conflict in Columbia . Chapter 4 will be dedicated to political economy where the following terms will be defined : production , privatization and foreign investment . Chapter 5 will study revolution in Cuba and its impact on foreign relations . At the end of the essay the major findings will be summarized and analyzed in the chapter of conclusion

II . Chapter 1 . The problems of the Mexican government in 2005

Jose Pinera (2003 ) in the article Latin America : A Way Out puts forward the hypothesis that the main deterrent of the whole Latin America is its strategy of an “orphan continent . The region gave birth to liberators such as San Martin , O ‘Higgins , and Sucre , who knew how to free their countries from Spanish political control , but until now the continent hasn ‘t produced the heroes who would know how to govern . Still , the political strategies of Latin America countries have many drawbacks which result in a low development , dependence of a country on international funds and donation , etc

In 2005 the number of illegal Mexican immigrants from reached 11 million in the U .S . The main causes of this problem were poverty and governance In fact , the regions with the poorest people produced the highest rate of migration . Still , Mexico had no laws prohibiting human tracking Mexicans were free to travel across the country and cross its bs On the other hand , this lack in legislature encouraged crime – children kidnapping (around 16 ,000 a year ) and selling people abroad for sexual exploitation . Ashley Merryman (2006 ) in the article Immigration – How the Mexican Government is Creating a Parasitic Economy and Neglecting its… [banner_entry_footer]

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