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In the different countries there are various laws which protect the interest of the labour community . In this essay , we concentrate on the labour laws in Spain , Italy , France and Finland . The labour laws in these countries provided for the economic compensation of the workers who lost their jobs . Economic compensation was provided to assure security to the labourers in these countries


It is accepted by most of the countries that there is a need to protect the interest of the labour communities . Protection to the workers [banner_entry_middle]

is necessary to provide them security of employment , which would lead to greater productivity . Different provisions are made by the various countries in their legislations to protect the interest of the workers However , there is debate among the scholars whether labour laws affect the economic development . Some scholars , for instance , suggest that stringent labour laws in the European countries have affected the economic development when compared with the United States of America This aspect is mentioned here only to stress the fact that labour laws provide for the various economic compensations to the workers who were fired by their employers . However , within the different European countries such as Spain , Italy and France , there existed similarities and differences in the legislation and implementation of labour laws . In Spain , Italy and France , there existed stringent laws , which protected the interest of the workers . In the European countries we find the existence of labourers with more job security , and , secondly , there are those workers with less job security . The latter category of workers when they were fired , were forced to seek the protection to obtain economic compensation . The economic compensation to the workers is provided by the various clauses in the Employment Protection Law or EPL Italy and Spain have more stringent laws when compared with France and Finland . The fired workers were provided security through unemployment insurance . Yet , in the unemployment insurance , there existed various categories depending on the scheme that was chosen by the employees (Bertola et .al , 2000

In most of the countries the employer and employee entered into contract before the worker is offered the jobs . As per the contract , when the company is in very severe state , or when the company is not in a position to pay salary to the worker , it may recourse to firing the workers . In such case , the first step of obtaining compensation for the fired workers is to bargain with the help of the trade unions . However when the companies refused to accept the terms of the trade unions , then the workers approached the courts , which interpreted the provisions of the labour law and decided the legality of dismissal of the workers . In the European countries , compensation to the workers is given through damages or reinstatement . When the company is not able to prove that its action is legal , then it was forced to provide compensation Reinstatement is considered as more severe than damages because reinstatement is also accompanied by the increase… [banner_entry_footer]

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